Instagram’s New Tool ‘ Stop Motion’ To Make Interesting To Users

Instagram's New Tool ' Stop Motion' To Make Interesting To Users

Instagram is working on developing a tool called ‘Stop Motion’ for its Stories. The photo and video-sharing platform are creating another way of interesting videos without having to record a video.

Reverse engineer, Jane Manchun Wong, took this news on Twitter about the stop motion for stories. The new tool assists your creation method by ghosting the frame you capture with the previous to ensure the placing and movement is apt. This feature is available for a phone camera, tripod or other similar devices

The stop motion can be used by capturing every angle of the products like a person and their movement and so on by playing out a scene. As per Wong, the process by Instagram is working on allowing up to 10 frames, but as of now, it provides only five frames in a row.

The initiative by Instagram sounds to be the best replacement for an actual video. With the video stories using tool, a user is benefited in two ways- opens up your creative side and also easier to generate audience to your business engagements with the new feature posts.

The stop motion tool by Instagram is not yet officially announced, but the tweet by reverse engineer Ms Wong seems like it is working fast to develop the feature.


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