Introducing Facebook’s Social Good for Business Site

Social good for business

A few days back, Facebook introduced a new website, specifically built to offer resources and tools for businesses. As explained by the social media giant, the website aims to provide support, resources and tools for businesses, so they can expand their social reach and impact on the users.

Arielle Gross Samuels, Head of Global Business Strategy and Engagement at Facebook, mentioned that they had noticed the recent increase in social good by businesses of all sizes. From building communities on the platform to coming together for a cause or committing to actions that encourage safer practices, companies are focused on building a better world for the times to come.

Social good is a product service or activity that benefits people in the mass. Even though social good can look different depending on each organization, it is good for the community, economy and customer relation, when businesses try to deliver. It is clear that companies are in agreement that social good is necessary for the benefit of everyone.

Social good for business

And this is where Facebook is turning their focus towards, building a website that supports businesses who want to advance social good. Hence, they have designed a new social good website to help companies to achieve their goals and make an impact.

Businesses can use this website to understand how they can make an impact. This is how Facebook explains it:

Build a Community for a Cause

Using the website, you can build a community with your brand and leverage the resources and tools from the website to create a positive impact at a much bigger scale.

Amplify your Brand & Impact

The website can be used to understand and learn different techniques and strategies to increase or improve brand awareness. Businesses can also find resources that will help them sell their products with a purpose or create conversations with customers that drives action.

Show up At the Right Time

Building a connection with your audience and customers is crucial. Businesses can leverage website resources to connect more deeply with their communities and users using relevant moments such as “Giving Tuesday, Ramadan or Pride Month”, as explained by Facebook, to enhance causes important to the business.


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