JustDial: Founders, Funding, And Competitors


About JustDial

“One stop shop.”

JustDial, headquartered in Mumbai, an Indian based search services founded by Venkatachalam Sthanu Subramani Mani in the year 1996.JustDial is one of the dominant companies in India where you will be assisted with day-to-day activities. It’s services extended from providing address and contact details of businesses around the country for consolidations and establishments, to making orders and reservations for medical, financial, travel and other domestic purposes. It even enlists business information across varied sectors from Restaurants to Pet Care and Fitness, Insurances and so on everything just with the dial to the customer support number 8888888888.

How JustDial came on to track?

JustDial established in 1994 with investing Rs 50,000 in a hired garage and borrowed furniture with rented PCs and started with 5-6 employees by V S S Mani. The idea got sparked to him while he founded Ask Me services in 1989. Due to the lack of proper market and ecosystem, he closed down the company. Still, the idea didn’t leave him and started the Justdial with more improvements and experiences from the previous break down. In a short period, Justdial became the most local search website in India.

Know about V S S Mani

V S S Mani is the man who endured all the sufferings to start the company because could not afford a telephone connection at that time. During his initial days worked as a salesperson in a Yellow page company, UDI for 2years and that time he was prepared to the grounding project for his entrepreneurial startup. Mr. Mani met few business heads and learned about the different business line and strategies. Thus venturing into the first launch of “Askme” in 1989. But shortly it failed because of low usage of phones at that time in India.

Current Scenario

The company’s turnover is over 128.8M with a huge call count of over 1.9 millions on a daily basis.It’s growing day by day and has 7.22 M daily page views.

It extended its services to Canada, UK, UAE, USA and it has offices in Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Bangalore and other metropolitan cities in India.

Justdial Business and Revenue Model

Justdial works on a collection of Data process providing information to users through Phone, SMS, and the Internet. The Revenue model of the company is of Premium subscription or listing of classified ads, Analytical reports and Data selling to buyers. Initially, it used to work as a telephone directory based model.


Justdial funding is over $119.4M with the fundings by the companies:

  • SAIF partners
  • Sequoia Capital
  • Tiger Global
  • EGCS
  • SAP

JustDial Competitors

  • Sulekha.com
  • Zomato
  • Google
  • Gaadi.com
  • Bro4u
  • ZatSe

Above all Sulekha.com, Google and Zomato are the top competitors.

Success formula

JustDial gained more advantage and recognition with the Indian Local Search Market. It followed the key factors that contributed to building solid brand name across the world.

  • It’s consistent delivery of quality.
  • Quick response to search queries.
  • Quality of company’s database.
  • Word of mouth presence in the market.

Promotions and Endorsements

The base of the promotion was made easy with selecting easy number eight 8’s not like the ASK ME number which is very complex for the people to remember. It used digital media as a traditional method.

Amitabh Bachchan and Boman Irani were brand ambassadors to promote over television and radio. Justdial placed hoardings at crowded places like airports, busy centers, major railway stations. During the wedding seasons, it offered numbers of shopping spots across various locations. It also sponsored for IPL in 2014 as an official partner of Royal Challengers Bangalore and in 2015 as the associate sponsor for Delhi Daredevils. It also hooked up with the 93.5fm radio station for promotional ads to win vouchers worth 2500.

Justdial launched its app for mobile users as well to increase its market and collaborated with its one of top contenders Zomato to provide food coupons to users. Justdial started its base as a search engine to online food ordering and ticket booking services in selected cities across India.


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