Kaamastra, Online merchandise retailer, acquires female-focused Itspleazure


Kaamastra has announced today an acquisition ItsPleaZure, the up-and-coming Mumbai based sensual wellness website for women.

ItspleaZure, launched in 2016, is an exciting brand catering to women’s sensual needs and retails lingerie, lubricants, attractive board games, role-play costumes, etc. Its female leadership and keen industry insights have grown it into an industry leader in the online erotic wellness space. 

“Divya Chauhan & the ItspleaZure team have done a phenomenal job. They’ve understood the needs of women customers which gives Kaamastra an exciting opportunity to talk to our customers better”, says Rahber Nazir, CEO of Kaamastra. “Coupled with our core strengths of customer service, a strong product range and global partnerships, this is a win-win proposition for both our customers. We’re going to cross-sell Kaamastra bondage, board games, edibles, lubricants, fetish wear and femininity furniture product ranges to Itspleazure customers and give them 1000s of more experiences to try!”

Divya Chauhan, founder of ItspleaZure adds, “Kaamastra’s acquisition is a major boost to our customers and our mission of being the largest women’s sexual wellness brand in India. As Indians become more demanding, we’re confident the Kaamastra-ItspleaZure collaboration will provide the best value and erotic experiences to customers anywhere in India.”

Kaamastra will acquire all physical and digital assets for an undisclosed amount and will manage Itspleazure as an independent brand which will keep its female-oriented focus.

The combined company will deliver to more than 15000 pin codes in India orders/month and will sell a combined 7500+ products as well as a presence on Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon and other online marketplaces.

Kaamastra, founded in 2013 by Rahber Nazir, is India’s largest online erotic wellness company delivering more than 5000 orders per month. It has more than 4000 products and has grown through a constant focus on product selection and customer privacy through its innovative delivery policies to guarantee 100% privacy.
The erotic wellness market in India is a dynamic evolving market that is growing at an average rate of 34.8 per cent per year from 2014 to 2018. The current market size of the category in India is around $227.8 million as compared to the global $22 billion.


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