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Zoom 5.0

Zoom has been one of those platforms which saw a huge spike in user interaction with their video conferencing app amid COVID-19 pandemic. But a few weeks back some security issues have surfaced related to the app. To quickly resolve the issues, Zoom released an update for their tools on multiple platforms this week.

Zoom stated on their latest blog that they are announcing robust security enhancements with their latest update of Zoom 5.0. Which they have introduced with their 90-day plan to enhance and improve the security and privacy aspects of their platform. They have added AES 256 bit encryption which should increase the security of the tool by increasing the data protection during meetings and block any chances of tampering.

AES which means Advanced Encryption Standard that’s a level of security encryption used by governments to secure their classified documents. They have also mentioned that the encryption is GCM, Galois Counter Mode, that allows better performance while keeping security as a priority.

These security upgrades by zoom should stop any further chances of any outsider from accessing your data. Zoom will also be offering users to choose the data center region for their meetings. They have also added a lot of additional security features and controls as well such as more reporting options for issues within the tool, waiting rooms, and setting up meetings passwords by default from now on, etc.

All of these new changes will be available from the latest i.e. the fifth iteration or Zoom 5.0, except AES encryption that will be available completely on systems from 30th May onwards.

LinkedIn Publishes Latest Content Engagement Trends

LinkedIn has reported that they have been seeing a huge spike in posts from companies talking about COVID-19 and Work from home on the platform. According to their data, this trend started rising from 17 Feb from 2% to 26% at its highest between 16th to 23rd March. From there it has remained over 20%. And users on the platform are also interested in reading these topics since engagement related to this topic on LinkedIn has increased a lot.

With countries going under lockdown, this was expected since COVID-19 is probably the number one thing on everyone’s mind right now. But the interesting thing that LinkedIn notes here is, people are more interested in reading how companies are stepping up to help amid the pandemic. So as a content marketer, how your business is helping amid COVID-19 should be a beneficial topic to start with.

For in-depth details, head over to LinkedIn’s blog.

Pinterest Joins ‘Stand for Small’

Pinterest announced this week that they are joining the ‘Stand for Small’ collective while adding some new resource collections to help small businesses that were impacted by the pandemic.

Pinterest mentioned that small businesses are among the hardest hit by COVID-19 pandemic. Since they had less resources to protect themselves from a sudden lockdown, that is why they will be joining the stand for small collective to support them along with 40 other major organizations.

Pinterest has also shared the list of resources for small businesses that can be accessed from here.


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