Learn AI For Free with ‘Learn with Google AI’


Google announced a program “Learn with Google AI” for people who want learn about Artificial Intelligence (AI) concepts and develop machine learning skills and apply to real-world problems. “Learn with Google AI” is a set of educational course developed by experts at Google.

The course is absolutely free and provides exercises, interactive visualizations, and instructional videos that anyone can use to learn and practice ML concepts

The Programme Manager for Google’s machine learning education said in a statement “To help everyone understand how AI can solve challenging problems, we’ve created a resource called Learn with Google AI. This site provides ways to learn about core ML concepts, develop and hone your ML skills, and apply ML to real-world problems”

Before launching it for public more than 18,000 Googlers have enrolled in MLCC(Machine Learning Crash Course), applying lessons from the course to enhance camera calibration for Daydream devices, build a virtual reality for Google Earth, and improve streaming quality at YouTube.

The success inspired Google to make it available to everyone. There’s more to come from Learn with Google AI, including additional courses and documentation. We’re excited to help everyone learn more about AI,” the Google statement said.


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