Google Maps rolled out voice navigation in 6 Indian languages, with other cool features


Google came up with some good news for Indian Google map users by rolling out a couple of new features. Indian users will now be able to add an address on Google Maps, use voice navigation in 6 Indian languages other than Hindi and enjoy two new features called Plus Codes and Smart Address Search.

Google added 6 more languages including Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, and Telugu on its Voice Navigation service which will make it more user friendly for Indians who doesn’t know Hindi or English.

Another new feature added by Google is ‘add an address’ using which users would be able to submit a missing address, which would reflect on the map after Google verifies it.

Google has also added the ‘Smart Address Search’ feature that would make the process of locating an address easier.  If a user is trying to put in a long and complicated address but is not sure of the exact location, then the user can put in a landmark and Google Maps would use all the information fed to fetch the location.


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