Effective Marketing Strategy: How to Invite People on Social Media


Inviting for something (likes, retweets, to follow) is one of the hardest things to do with social media. There is a wispy line between asking for a favour and making an ask out of yourself.

It has never been easier to connect with a stranger, but thanks to social media. Social media has been opening gate of opportunities to connect with the audience and experts as well targeted in the same field. Still it is not so easy to fetch everyone on social media while there are billions of people and a lot of voices.

Effective Marketing Strategy How to Invite People on Social Media

Some easy techniques are as to send tweet asking for retweets, create a status asking for likes and to connect your different accounts with one another as Facebook to Twitter so you can share things in a synchronized way and you get a bigger audience in size simultaneously.

Even after all these obstacles you still can be heard. It’s just the tactic that how you get a leverage on your audience. Don’t worry if you are not a famous face who could have millions of followers, just read out following 5 simple steps and put them into practice to get a favour.

Don’t start by asking

Although it takes time to write and send a handcrafted message, but as your first contact with someone on social media should be dynamic and personalized, you should attempt this action. For an instance, suppose that you want a person to read your blog, then you should do some research on him like on what type of blog is he interested? For that, read his blog. To show people that you have taken some interest in their work and for some specific reason you want them as your audience. This research of 2 minutes and a hand written message, create a value to your invitation.

Be specific about your message

Be modest when you write a message so that it doesn’t look like as an advertisement, but also convey your message clearly. Give link in your message that directly leads to a captivating page, it is the page where your audience really wants to go.

Show understanding

To be attached to someone who is your target audience, you get two or three messages in the conversation as a chance to impress. When you write up a tweet or a message remember it is personalized so you have to talk like a human, don’t be too formal. Use some humour, words that show you are connected with them.

Use your network

For a good start you need to contact your closest people first. Begin with your closely engaged followers as these are your friends, family or your people so they advocate your campaign and also helpful in the manifesto. Tell them what exactly you are trying to do and why do you need an audience, they certainly will follow you.

Follow-up and give your regards

This is the final and most important part. Express your warmest regards to your followers. That makes them feel so positive towards your attitude and they start to go to your link so often to know more. Follow them as well to make them your follower for a long time. This all makes easier everything next time.

If you are profound and take your time to engage with people, they will do the same in return. Don’t ignore them when you don’t need a favour because now they are in your network relation for a long time in the future.


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