Linkedin India- A Threat for Job Portals



We all know the potential of Social media. It’s not just limited to causal chatting or catching up with old friends. The power of Social Media goes much beyond that. In fact, people use different social media channels for different kind of business operations, such as, marketing, customer service, recruitment etc. People, these days, rely heavily on LinkedIn (which is a leading social network) for securing jobs. Linkedin has over 200 million members, from different parts of the world.

LinkedIn’s maximum revenue is generated from job postings and recruitment services. There are over 150,000 job postings in Linkedin every month. Each of the job postings are usually live for 30 days.

Is your Linkedin Profile Active Enough?

Nowdays, almost every professional has an active Linkedin profile. There are a number of professional features in LinkedIn such as groups, events etc. These features give the job seekers more reason for joining Linkedin. With a profile on Linkedin, you as a candidate will be more visible to the recruiters and even if, you are not actively not looking for a job, who knows, a prospective employer might spot your profile, recognize your skills and give you a job.

Special Features Present in Linkedin

1.You can verify the different profiles in Linkedin database. In fact, the recruiters can compare the top performers in other job portals against the ones found in their LinkedIn profiles.

2. Job seekers frequent Linkedin for finding mentors and also, the users have the option of referring prospective employees to their contacts. That is why, to get become referral –friendly, the job seekers should work towards building a solid of network with other Linkedin members.

3. The recommendation feature available in LinkedIn helps the recruiters in gathering additional information about the prospective employees that they are planning to recruit. With the help of this feature, the future employers can easily learn about the experience that a particular job applicant’s employer have had with him or her. There is an introduction feature in Linkedin. The job seekrs can use this feature to introduce themselves and provide deeper insights about their character and abilities to the other Linkedin members.

Linkedin India- How’s it Different from the Other Job Portals? 

Compared to the other job portals, Linkedin helps in developing a strong base of relationship between the prospective employees and the employers. This is one of the primary reasons why Linkedin poses a possible threat to the other job portals in India. There is a polling feature present in Linkedin, which the professionals use to gauge the individualistic views of different people on certain corporate issues. This way the poll sponsor can establish his authority in his own professional group and can be reckoned as a credible source of information too.

Growth of Linkedin as a Recruitment Network

The reason why Linkedin is growing in popularity is because, in spite of having so many essential features, the portal is quite easy to use and understand by the recruiters as well as the job seekers. Also, the advanced features available in this social network is not very expensive. Although, Linkedin is a leading recruiting network, however, it is not recommended to the job seekers to directly contact the employers and request for a job. Instead, if you are looking for a job, you should create an attractive profile, listing your qualifications, work experience, and credentials. Be active and your primary objective should be to get recognized by potential recruiters.



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