Top Copywriting Tips For Beginners

copywriting for beginners
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David Ogilvy once said that with the power of words and the creative vision of advertisement, anyone could convince the audience to buy a product that is not needed by them. Through his works and legacy, he created several copywriting tips for beginners stepping into the field of advertising and marketing. 

Of course, one cannot deny that advertisements have changed over the course of years. From print ads, we have transitioned into short digital ads. 

Ideating while writing

As audiences’ attention span decreased with the digital boom, the role of copywriters became more strategic. 

Today, advertising firms and independent brands are looking for copywriters with fresh ideas who can hook the audience. However, the industry is competitive, especially if you are just starting out as a copywriter. 

 Instead of going through several trials and errors, let us help you with some valuable tips. 

Here are some copywriting tips for beginners :

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If you are thinking of starting a career as a successful copywriter, then remember that you need to have a strong penchant for writing and creativity. You need to be a strong grammar sleuth (yes, grammar errors are a big no here) and a wordsmith. 

Copywriting for beginners can be a little bit tedious if you are not willing to push yourself and do the much-needed research. Read a lot, ideate, and be open to feedback and criticism. This is how you can slowly ace as a credible copywriter. 

Now let us come back to the copywriting tips for beginners which you have been waiting for :

  1. Come straight to the point
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The attention of the audience is very limited. Within a ten-second window, the consumer decides whether to buy the product or skip it. 

Copywriters have to be clever and convincing with their words to advertise the product. Instead of beating around the bush, they must come straight to the point of showcasing the product’s feature and user experience to convince the audience. 

The copies must convey the value addition of the product in an engaging and crisp manner.

To become seasoned in copywriting, it is imperative to use declarative and confident phrases in the ad copies.

  1. Clear the words you do not need word
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One of the biggest copywriting tips for beginners is to write with precision. Copies that are stuffed with words are not attractive to the audience. 

Copywriters need to be wordsmiths and grammar sleuths to create short phrases or convey their ideas in just a few words. 

Let us take the example of KFC’s tagline copy- Its Finger Licking Good.

The copy is short and does not talk about the product at all; however, it directly puts the user experience in place. The audience having KFC will experience this action. 

The tagline copy is precise with no unnecessary words. 

Copywriters have to eliminate words or phrases that are not needed. Turning a long sentence into one short word will create catchy copies. 

  1. Do not assume that audience will know everything
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Many copywriters, be it seasoned or amateurs, often make the mistake of assuming that the audience will know everything about the brand or their products. 

Writing copies with such assumptions will not generate desired outcomes or ROI in the advertising campaigns.

During copywriting, one has to take into account that the audience is clueless like a baby. Through the copies, the audience will be guided about the brand and its products. 

Hence, the copies must be easy to grasp and digestible for the audience.

  1. No use of abstract data
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Data is only useful when it creates value for the audience. Hence, a useful copywriting tip for beginners, abstract data has no usage in creating ad copies. It will not move the audience to buy the product or try a brand’s services.

Data should be used in combination with storytelling to showcase the USP and give credibility to the brand’s product.

For instance, when you are writing a copy about a milk product, you can use data to say it has x times more calcium than any other brand’s milk product. 

Here, data gives the milk brand some legitimacy and edge over its competitors. 

Need to create nudges for higher ROI

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Copywriting is not just about showcasing your creative conceptualization of making a great ad; it is about creating nudges so that the audience buys the product. 

One of the important copywriting tips often missed by beginners is that they forget to look at the ad copies with a business lens. 

They need to step into the audience’s shoes to understand how the copy will nudge them emotionally. 

Without the desired ROI, the creative ad copies will have no purpose. Hence, copywriters need to understand the behaviour of their audience and write copies that sell without sounding sales-y.

  1. Do not show off
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One of the biggest mistakes that both brand managers and copywriters make is creating an exhibition of the brand. The audience does not care if you have won X awards or have a legacy; they care about how you are solving their problems at an affordable price. 

Arrogance in the ad copies can lead to the audience drifting away to other brands. 

Copywriters and brand managers need to be humble to the customers. After all, neither the brand nor the copywriters will exist without customers. 

  1. Avoid using superlatives
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Unless there are social proofs, copywriters must avoid using superlative words in their ad copies. 

Without any evidence, the audience can contest the validity of the product in the market. 

Therefore, the copywriter should use phrases such as – The best lipstick you can use. Instead, they can write- This lipstick moisturizes your lips. 

Copywriters can focus on the USP of the product rather than prove the product is the best in the market. 

Copywriting is a difficult job. It is no cakewalk as you have to use creativity, data, and some understanding of the audience’s psychology to nudge them. 

These copywriting tips for beginners, if employed strategically, will help to improve your skillset as a copywriter for any brand or industry. 


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