MySIPonline Now Setting Up New Benchmark By Redefining its Motto


“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

– Lao Tzu

Despite heavy volatility in the business and market, MySIPonline utilized the year 2018 to clear the vagueness persisted among the investors. It has come a long way by introducing new facilities, plans, tools, services, and what not. While standing intact to its motto of ‘Simplifying Investments,’ it has unearthed new ways to reach out to its customers and address their problems on some common grounds. 

Here’s how it all begun!

“Some conversations indeed change your life forever. The same is what I felt while discussing my plans with Mr. Hemendra Kothari, MD, DSP MF in ‘Futurist Awards’ Ceremony held in Mumbai, says Mr. Virendra Ranawat, CEO, MySIPonline. I was deeply moved when he said, “Yes, the industry has raised with leaps and bounds, but there’s still a root that we need to address first.” On my way back, I kept on thinking about the root he was mentioning to. Well, what was that one thing that I was lacking, my mind began to quest for the answer and I remember I could barely sleep that night, he added.” The next morning, I decided to look for common hurdles that people were facing in the investment world, thinking that it might take me to my answer. I was surprised to see there were thousands of questions on Quora (one of the most popular platforms for people seeking answers in India) related to mutual funds where people have discussed the most personalized problems, and veterans from all around have given them suggestions. It immediately clicked me, this was it! August 18, 2018 was the day I published my first Quora answer, and since then, I am enjoying interacting with my potential clients.

Talking Money with Clients 

The conversations about money are integral to provide care, client satisfaction, and ultimately practice success. These require direct yet honest dialogue which relies upon a foundation of openness and trust whereby client must feel comfortable to discuss options that might lead them to their goals. While there are several veterans who offer great advice, at MySIPonline, they believe in speaking what is right instead of what is in trend keeping aside any kind of self-interest. This is the reason they get several queries on a regular basis, and Mr. Ranawat addresses them personally. 

Achievements That Inspired the Journey

The constant efforts have paid off, and in no time, Virendra Ranawat earned the title of the ‘Most Viewed Writer in Indian Mutual Funds’ category. He is topping the chart in several other categories as well which cover topics like Systematic Investment Plans, mutual fund investment, investment advice, etc. In just around five months, he has answered 240+ questions and created a viewers’ base of 1 Million till date. 

You Need to Pay to be Smart. But Not Anymore!

It is rightly said, “If you only cared enough, you would do the work without profit.” At MySIPonline, people enjoy what they do, and thus no client is additionally charged for consultation services. The most common issues are further discussed through their YouTube channel’s famous ‘The Mutual Fund Talk Show.’ Time to time recommendations along with the fund analysis and market reports, everything is covered with the motive to not just increase the clients’ base but their clients’ knowledge. 

It is now simpler than ever to find out solutions to your mutual fund investment-related problems and make investment in them just by swiping the screen of your mobile phone. The company offers the widest range of mutual fund schemes from over 20 major AMCs in India. In this competitive landscape where hundreds of companies are coming up now and then with multiple offerings, MySIPonline has discovered and also invented ways to make its presence felt in the industry. So, next time don’t just settle for any investment platform. Instead, take advantage of the online services offered at this portal, and gift yourself a promising future. 


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