Navigating through women’s health and well-being: The Top Fem-Tech Start-Ups In India


The rise of a new category: Femtech

Whether it is education and finance, the narrative of women catering to health and well-being have always been kept at the corner. There is an erasure for having businesses solely catering to women’s needs.  However, this pandemic brought into light the emergence of fem-Tech start-ups in India that combine technology to cater to women’s healthcare and wellness.

Women’s healthcare and wellness is an untapped market. With the rise of digital communities spreading awareness, fem-tech start-ups are coming to light.

Let us look at the top and emerging fem-tech start-ups Of India

  1. 1) Pee Safe

The creative genius of Vikas Bagaria, Pee Safe by Sirona Hygiene, has been helping to shape the discourse and market around women’s personal hygiene needs. Most women in India do not have access to sustainable period products and clean washrooms. They suffer from diseases like UTI and genital infections. Pee Safe has a wide variety of products such as toilet-seat spray, menstrual cups, disposable pee-bags. It has launched regional campaigns with influencers to make the products well-known to the larger Indian audience beyond the metro cities.

2) Ara Health 

To bring soul and holistic care back to women’s healthcare, Navya Naveli Nanda launched her start-up, Aara Health. It is a virtual portal and an e-commerce store that makes women aware of healthcare issues. The platform is a safe space to diagnose and discuss healthcare problems in a confidential manner. Aara Health’s products include health supplements that improve immunity and sleep quality.

3) Oowomaniya

Oowomaniya caters to make women aware, advocate, and speak about intimate and emotional health issues. The platform is multi-purpose to address health issues that are considered to be taboo in Indian society. Oowomaniya offers health consultancy services online and offline through expert gynaecologists, fitness trainers, nutritionists etc.


NIRAMAI is an innovation to detect and screen breast cancer. The start-up provides this solution by using Thermalytix by using machine learning over thermography images. Through applying artificial intelligence, their cloud-hosted analytics solution provides accurate screening results. NIRAMAI makes breast cancer screening quicker, accessible, and affordable for the larger population.

5) Carmesi

For most women, periods are non-sustainable with the use of plastic-based sanitary napkins. Carmesi is solving the problem by creating bio-degradable sanctuary napkins and panty liners. The products are available online and are made with natural materials so that women do not get rashes during their menstrual cycle.

The Fem Tech industry has a huge market scope as women make up half the population of the country. ith innovative design solutions and products, the women will be able to access better healthcare and wellness solutions.


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