How Can We Cure Pimples and Oily Skin With Generic Medicines?


Pimples and Oily skin are common face problem that we all face in our day to day routine. Despite taking extensive care of your skin, you end up being a victim of pimples and oily skin not knowing how to get rid of them.


You try out your hand at the various ways to get rid of them starting from home remedies to branded skin care products that can help you out with the situation. Compared to men, women are more conscious about their looks and so tend to look after the minute detail on their face to look beautiful and flawless.

They are also the ones who end up spending more money on creams and lotions that can help them fight out the problem as early as possible.

Know the exact cause of Pimples & Oily Skin :

Pimples :


Pimples are a pustule or in other terms called as papule. When the sebaceous glands which produce sebum, an oily pigment that is secreted more in quantity, the dead cells and bacteria are not released through the body pores but indeed are stuck.

This later becomes infected and is called Pimple. They more often occur on the body parts including Face, Shoulder, Back, and Neck. It mainly affects these areas over the rest as the sebum level is usually high in these body parts.

In women, the pimples usually start off after the puberty stage when the sebaceous glands become overactive producing more of sebum. They can occur to both men, women, and age is not a restriction here. With more exposure to dust, pollution, high humidity and cosmetics, you will have a higher risk to get pimples.

Oily skin:

Oily skin is often linked with Pimples and acnes. They are the result of having an Oily skin. This skin condition is very common in both men and women. When the sebaceous glands release an excess of sebum, you face turns out to be oily every time no matter how many times you wash your face in the day.

oily skin

Over the time, it keeps getting oily and sticky giving way to pimples and acnes. At, times exposure to dirt and pollution can make your skin condition worse if you have an oily skin. With an oily skin, you face looks shiny and the applying cosmetic over them to cover up is a bad option as that will much more affect your skin blocking all the pores giving no way for the dead cells to leave your skin. The pores need to be open and clear in order to grasp the oxygen from nature and water.

Are the solutions available in the market worth the cost?

No matter you are rich or poor, if any problem related to health comes up, we don’t mind spending our money even if it’s too expensive as we treat health as the major priority over rest. With advancement in science and technology, the dermatologists have found out various solutions over the years that can help in getting rid of oily skin.

Go and check any top cosmetic brand, you will find various options to get rid of Oily skin like creams and face washes. If you are willing to go for a good brand which stands out in terms of the product quality, you will not get it at a lesser price of minimum 100 rupees in the market. The quantity provided is also so less that it hardly comes for a week or two.

In this way, we tend to spend a lot on skin care products hoping that they will help us give the perfect skin. Don’t worry now you can get rid of this situation with the generic medicines that are available in the market.

Affordable and Quality skin care products with just a click away

With generic medicines in use, you can get the same effect as of the branded ones just with a new manufacturing company name label. Are you confused here on what are generic medicines now? Let’s make this clear for you.

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Today in the market we have over 10 plus substitutes for a single drug right? So these substitutes are called as Generic medicines. The original branded company first studies the health condition and the factors that cause them.

They later get all the resources gathered and do research and development to come up with a drug that can improve or cure the health condition.The product is also tested on volunteers in a laboratory environment.

Once the product is made and reacting positively over a period of time, it’s sent to the healthcare regulatory board whose responsibility is to approve any new medicine that comes up in the market. After their approval, the drug or medicine is produced in the market for the consumers to buy.Oily skin

One restriction for these companies is that they can’t be selling the medicine under the brand name for a long time as the patent protection period for that particular medicine comes to an end.

With its expiry, the other drug manufacturing companies in the market will be able to copy the drug composition and make a similar one under their company name at a cost. These are called Generic drug manufacturing companies whose medicines are available at a lesser and affordable price as they don’t spend much in terms of research and development.

With this piece of information, we are sure that you will now be smart enough to invest in the healthcare products through online pharmacies like Genericwala that will benefit you in terms of your health as well as give you the right value for your money!



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