Pedagogy : A parent-teachers connect for futuristic school education

Pedagogy event

Pedagogy is an event to bring policymakers, educators, teachers and parents to collaborate, ideate and understand existing education system, available resources, challenges and opportunities in this era of Industrialization 4.0 where digital life is prevalent.

The opportunity provides policymakers to spread awareness of the facilities & possibilities to enhance inclusive education where STEM education is the need of the hour to keep up the progress. Educators will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the facilities, resources, and opportunities and at the same time discuss the challenges and find a solution in a collaborative environment.

For delegates, it will provide the opportunity to understand their responsibility in terms of a parental and social educationist. Additionally, it will be a great platform for aspirants who want to pursue their career in teaching.

Additionally, the opportunity for everyone to exchange their ideas, problems, and offerings for mutual engagement.

During the conclave teachers, schools, service providers & suppliers will be acknowledged and awarded for their significant contribution to strengthen students, pedagogy, schools & society.

Ewhent Technology is inviting everyone to participate in this endeavor and get mutually rewarding and enhance the possibilities for greater success. For more information, please visit the website & register to join the event.

For any more information please reach out to Ramesh Ambastha on [email protected] OR call on +91 9873905695. Ramesh is the founder & CEO of Ewhent Technologies


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