Pinterest Announced New Story Pins and Analytics Tools

Pinterest Story Pin

Pinterest recently announced the full beta launch of story Pins, which focuses on social stories trend that allows creators to display content for users that tell visual stories by using voice-over, videos, and images.

Pinterest explained that they are making it easier for the creators who want to share their talent and creativity with the world. These stories will be different from the ones present in the Pinterest stories feed. Once a creator publishes a story pin, it will stay up for 24 hours.

Story pins can be saved by a user since it will be available within a pin, which makes it easier to discover over time. These story pins are expected to have more engagement since they will be placed in several places such as the home feed, search results, today tab etc.

At the time, Story Pins is available in full beta, and only a handful of creators in the US will have access to the new feature. Pinterest assured that the feature will be introduced in other region in coming months.

Additionally, Pinterest has also updated how creator profiles are displayed on the platform. The new profiles will contain updated contact options as well. Each Pinterest story will give users the ability to react to them using various “emojis” like “love’, “great Idea” “thanks” and so on, to offer their feedback to the creator.

Pinterest is also adding a new tab called Engagement which will be available to creators, to understand how their pin has performed over time. The analytics dashboard has also been redesigned to display detailed information about performance of pins.


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