Pinterest Publishes New Update on Employee Diversity


Pinterest has launched a new update regarding the update on employee diversity that showcases their efforts towards having a more diverse range of people working within the company. They also highlighted the impact this update has brought with it towards the products decisions they take.

Pinterest explained:

It’s hard to feel inspired when you don’t feel represented – online or in your workplace – and research shows that diverse teams make us more creative, diligent and hard-working. When we are building products, a team of people with different backgrounds enables us to think through products, policies, and safety from all angles (for instance, how products could be abused or how they could unintentionally impact a community).

Pinterest mentioned their new set of targets for staff diversity and they said these targets are meeting the aims they’ve set. Here’s how they explained it.

  • We wanted to increase hiring rates for full-time women engineers to 25% and surpassed it with a new high of 27%
  • We wanted to increase hiring rates to 8% underrepresented* minority engineers and exceeded it at 9%
  • We wanted to increase hiring rates for underrepresented minority employees across the company (business and product) to 12% and exceeded it at 14%


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