Pinterest’s Verified Merchant Program for Brands


Last month in February, Pinterest announced that it is working on its very own profile verification program that will offer assurance to Pinterest users about the businesses which are compliant with Pinterest’s Customer service standards and processes.

With the rising demand for eCommerce amid COVID-19 and rising traffic of Pinterest, the platform has decided to launch the ‘Verified Merchants’ program now. The brands that are qualified for this, will have a blue checkmark on their profiles which implies they meet Pinterest’s transparency and quality requirements.

Pinterest explanation regarding the topic:

We’ve launched the Verified Merchant Program with retailers who’ve met our qualifications for high quality customer service experiences through manual review. Verified Merchants will display a special blue checkmark on their profiles, and become eligible for increased distribution within high-intent shopping experiences and metrics like conversion reporting.

Pinterest Verified Merchant Program

From the screenshot above, you can see the blue tick is similar to what we have already seen on a lot of platforms now, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. This blue tick should offer extra level of trust among the Pinterest users towards the brands. The merchants who will be verified will get access to new features from Pinterest soon, one of them is increased exposure through Pinterest ‘shopping experiences’ such as the shopping tab in the mobile app and recommendation on the pins and much more.

Pinterest has also made changes to its catalog process that should allow lower time to feed ingestion to product pin creation. The platform has also improved its ‘Dynamic Retargetting’ tool that’ll allow brands to focus their ad offers to people who have already engaged with similar products on their platform.

Pinterest Verified Merchant Program

How to Get Verified?

In order to get verified and get the blue checkmark on your brand’s profile, follow these three steps:

  • Connect your catalog: Uploading your feed is the fastest way to get your products onto Pinterest.
  • Install the Pinterest tag: A tag helps you track actions that come from Pinterest. You can install our tag, or use a compatible tag manager.
  • Meet our Merchant Guidelines.

For Pinterest, this step will help them increase the number of products listed on their platform, apart from pushing brands to improve their customer service process. They’ll have up to date details on total stocks available and the prices of the product.

To qualify for Pinterest’s Merchant Guidelines:

Pinterest must have current (within 24 hours) and accurate information about the price and in-stock status of the product. This is obtained from daily feed syncing or Pinterest frequently scraping meta-tags on product landing pages, and by including your product in a Pin, you permit Pinterest to scrape your product information to keep the information current.

Initially, Pinterest’s Verified Merchant Program will only be available in the US market. Pinterest has expressed that they will expand this to other regions as soon as possible this year, but with COVID-19 pandemic it might get delayed. ​


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