Professional Dashboard: Turn Your Passion into a Living on Instagram

Instagram Professional Dashboard

Instagram is introducing a new feature called ‘Professional Dashboard’, which aims to provide creators with a platform to turn their passion into a living. The new tool offers a central platform that enables creators to track performance, utilize professional tools to create better content, and gain access to educational information on the platform developed by Instagram.

Instagram explains that they have been creating various tools to support creators on the platform so they can create better content. Tools such as badges, Branded Content, Instagram Shop and Checkout have been extremely helpful for creators over the year.

Since these tools are essential for the users, Instagram moved them to a central location known as the Professional Resources hub. And according to the platform, over 37 million accounts have visited the hub and utilized at least one of the tools in 2020.

Instagram expects to keep the same momentum with the new Professional Dashboard as they move forward in 2021. Here are the three main features creators can access in Professional Dashboard:

Track Your Performance

Creators and accounts on Instagram can access performance insights and trends to understand how their account has been performing. Users will be able to access current as well as the past stats of their content to compare and evaluate the difference in performance. Having access to such insights should allow users to improve future content on the platform.

Grow Your Business

This feature offers access to tools that make it easy to manage accounts on the platform. Managing content on various tools such as Badges, IGTV and so on will be much more streamlined with the new dashboard. This feature also offers you a chance to check whether your account is eligible for monetization on Instagram. Users who have applied for the same can check their status as well.

Stay Informed

Since the trends are always changing, it is crucial for a creator to keep up with the changes to stay relevant and grow their business. To help creators, this feature offers educational resources such as tips, inspiration, tricks, and guides to stay ahead of the curve.

Although some of the features have been present for some time on Instagram, accessing them in one centralized location certainly makes it a bit easier for creators and marketers.

Instagram further states that they will be adding more features to Professional Dashboard over the year as new features emerge. The new Professional Dashboard is available to all accounts that are either a business or a creator on Instagram.


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