Reality Check: The UK Study Reveals Famous 5 SEO Mistakes By Marketing Agencies

Famous 5 SEO mistakes by Marketing Agencies

A recent study by the UK top marketing agencies reveals the most predictable and common mistakes made by marketing agencies in dealing with SEO.

The Reboot Online survey picked top 30 marketing agencies in the UK. It discovered the most SEO marketing mistakes and here’s the mistake rate.

Infamously Famous 5 SEO mistakes made by agencies-

1. 70% of agencies hold a poor page speed.

No proper page speed load

2. 63% of agencies lack internal linking.

no internal linking for a better SEO

3. 57% of agencies contains not such worthy pages which indexed by Google.

NO worthy indexed page by agencies

4. 52% of agencies blogs comprise thin content.

Thin and shallow content by marketing agencies

5. 47% of agencies have poorly optimized pages for keywords.

no optimization of Keywords

The additional mentions so did by the agencies include-

1. 33% of agencies gasps poor backlink profile.

No proper backlinks for SEO

2. 27% of the business reveals that have copied content from other web sources.

copied content in SEO

3. 20% of the blog contains old and not updated content- in over 6 months.

no update of the blogs

4. 17% of websites do not include ‘About us’ page.

about us

The percentage of agencies who did well in the following factors:

  1. 100% of agencies had HTTPS.
  2. 83% had an “about” or “meet the team” page.
  3. 100% of the firms had their contact information displayed.
  4. 100% of the website holds a marketing blog.
  5. Out of 30, 29 agencies hold a social media presence.


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