#SaveTheInternet: AIB is Back Supporting Net Neutrality


After the much extended controversy over the All India Bakchod Roast, the team is back with an awareness video in an attempt to #SaveTheInternet.

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Internet has become an unavoidable part of everyone’s life and is considered as an effective medium across the world to connect and express their views. If you care about free speech which of course you do then you must care for the freedom of internet – #VoteForNetNeutrality. Not aware of net neutrality? Watch the new AIB awareness video that has gone viral explaining net neutrality with impact.

AIB’s #VoteForNetNeutrality Video Gone Viral

Net neutrality has finally received its importance as various articles and petitions float across the social media. AIB’s video floating on Facebook gives an insight into the notion behind net neutrality. It means that the internet service providers shall permit their customers an equal right to use to all the lawful websites and services on the web, without giving precedence to any website over another.

Because of the intense lobbying of corporate giants in the telecom sector like Vodafone and Airtel, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has decided to permit them to block a few websites and applications in order to skim more money from the users which is against the spirit of net neutrality. It is the consumer who should decide the way he wants to use the data pack and not the telecom giants. Countries like Brazil, USA and Netherlands has already voted for this concern. It’s now our turn to care about net neutrality and be at par with these countries.

Bollywood Supports AIB – Tweets about Net Neutrality

The whole world is talking about net neutrality and our Bollywood industry is no less. Looks like the Bollywood Celebs used Twitter to spread AIB’s awareness video on net neutrality in order to #SaveTheInternet. The campaign is being backed by almost all the celebrities and social media websites.


Facebook shares AIB’s post saying, “The new AIB video is out. This time, we want you to ?#?SaveTheInternet?. Share this video and spread the message to everyone you know who uses the Internet.

Please, log onto www.savetheinternet.in.”

Twitter is floated with tweets from celebs asking to vote for the campaign and save the internet.

King Khan tweets – youtube.com/watch?v=mfY1NKrzqi0 … #SaveTheInternet”

Farhan Akhtar tweets about “Please give 30 seconds of your time to do this. http://www.savetheinternet.in/

VArun Dhawan: #SaveTheInternet come on India.

Arjun Kapoor tweets “Come on India, you need to #SaveTheInternet, and here’s why https://youtu.be/mfY1NKrzqi0 make ur click count #NetNeutralityIndia


All content is equal and all sites must be equally accessible – Vote for Net Neutrality!



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