Selling Likes & Followers Ruled Illegal By FTC

Social Media

FTC has ruled out recently that selling likes and followers for social media platforms will be illegal from here on. Even posting fake reviews for business will be considered under the same category. This is going to force all the people who have been engaged in selling likes and followers to rethink a new strategy.

A businessman from Florida was fined $2.5 dollars as he was found selling fake indicators of social media influence”. Sunday Riley also received a warning for writing fake reviews that were being sold on another website and her employees were also told to do the same. The Florida businessman, German Calas, owns a company called Devumi, that was under investigation by New York Times last year, is known to sell likes & followers to celebrities and social media influencers, in order to increase presence on these social platforms.

Cases like these have set an example for people and companies who have been selling fake interactions on social media, it should restrain them from making such a risky decision again. In a nutshell, these actions are acts of fraud and should be punished since they are designed to mislead the customers who follow these celebs and influencers. We can hope that this decision by FTC should act as a beginning for acts like such sorts. It’s no secret that these people will find a way to cheat the system again, which is why actions like FTC’s should be mandatory.


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