IGTV Series: A New Bout To Boost Exposure To IGTV


A few months back, Facebook, Instagram’s parent company came out with the news that they have something exciting that’ll help grow their IGTV section. Though they have tried a lot of things, IGTV hasn’t gained the exposure they thought it’d get. They came out with IGTV videos being featured in users feed, but even that didn’t gain any traction.

To improve its functionality, Instagram has come up with IGTV Series that is supposed to help creators organise and roll out their IFTV videos in their very own categories. Creators will be able to add their videos into categories which will give them a label and the users will be getting a notification for the series that they opted for. There’ll be an option on the same screen that’ll give users to opt for notifications form any upcoming videos from that series.

IGTV Series

This feature seems to be inspired by Snapchat’s ‘Snap originals’ which is used by creators on Snapchat to curate content like episodes on their Snapchat discover channels. And it’s clear that Facebook wants to dominate this section as well.

The process is pretty straightforward:

Start by uploading a video to IGTV. Select a cover photo for that video. You’ll notice a new option in there to ‘Add To Series’. If this will be your first time, then you’ll be asked to create a series that requires a series name and description. Click on Post to post the IGTV Video within that series. Removing the video is also as easy as adding it, just go to that video and from the overflow tab and select ‘Remove From Series’ option, and it’s done.

Let’s wait and see how this pans out for Instagram in the days to come.


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