Smart Pet Cams for Smart Homes



Pets are like a family member or almost one of the children in our homes. They depend on us for caring and pampering. Having a pet is a bigger responsibility than having a child. 

Because of this responsibility, many pet owners, who travel frequently, cannot keep their pets alone at home. 

Pet-sitters come at a cost, but it becomes challenging to ask for updates on what they are constantly doing.

For the safety of pets and the convenience of pet owners, smart pet cameras are an excellent innovation for tech-savvy homeowners.

It becomes easy to monitor your pets in the absence of the owners. 

So what are smart pet cameras?

Regular pet cameras are just like any other security camera which lets you monitor your pets. A smart pet camera can be connected to voice-controlled assistance, mobile apps, and wifi, so you can remotely monitor your pet. 

Smart pet cams have features that make it useful for both the pet and their owners to stay in touch and remotely look after the furry friends’ safety. Here are some of the benefits of smart pet cameras

  1. Interaction with the pet

Separation anxiety affects pets and pet owners simultaneously. Smart pet cameras allow monitoring of the movements of pets and let both pet owners and their furry friends interact with each other through video calling and audio interaction. If your pet is trained, they can also call you. You can even train them on video calls if they are behaving mischievously. The remote interaction via smart pet cams strengthens the bond between pets and pet owners while acting as a source of comfort and support.

  1. Source of entertainment

Advanced smart pet cams let you entertain your pet. They come with features such as game mode and streaming tv on the monitor.

 Pet owners and pets can enjoy some fun time playing games or watching something together. Some of the games are integrated with a treat dispenser. If the pet wins the game, tasty treats are dispensed.

  1. Security check

Smart pet cams come with noise and motion sensors and night vision features. You can get alerts about your furry friend’s security and whereabouts without constantly checking with the pet-sitter. It makes monitoring of pets easy and convenient for pet owners.

  1. Checking on your pet’s health

Pet owners should not rely on the updates of pet-sitters that concern the health of their pets. Many pet-sitters might not be equipped to understand the symptoms of illness, which you may be aware of. Sometimes, your pet may be feeling unwell at night in the absence of the pet-sitter. Smart pet cams allow you, pet owners, to monitor the health of their furry friends. Advanced features of pet monitor buttons give an alert if your pet has a fever. Well-trained pets can use the audio calling features to dial a vet. 

  1. Analyze behavior patterns

Pets’ behavior patterns fluctuate while their owners are away. Sometimes whining all day occurs due to separation anxiety. But if it happens regularly, pet owners can understand the behavior pattern through the pet cams and consult a vet to know if their pets are unwell. Rescue pets often have anger or adjustment issues; monitoring and understanding these patterns on a pet cam can be a good insight for pet owners when they visit pet therapists.

Top Smart Pet Cams To Have In 2021

  1. Canary Flex Wi-Fi Pet Camera 

It is a high-quality pet camera that allows pet owners inside and outside the house. It can be attached with a leash when your furry is out for a walk. The pet cam comes with wide lenses, HD video recording, and high-quality microphones. It is also weather-resistant and drool-resistant.

  1. Furbo dog camera

Furbo is a sports cum dog camera with enhanced two-way audio, night vision, and treat dispensers. The USP of this smart pet cam is the ‘bark alert’ feature that sends an alert when your furry friend starts barking.

  1. Wyze Cam Pan

Although the Wyze Cam Pan has fewer features, it is a good choice for budgeted pet owners.  It comes with a wide-angle lens and a two-way audio calling. The camera swivels in 360 degrees along with 93-degree vertical viewing. The motion tracking feature operates as long as the pets are in the house.

  1. Skymee Owl Robot

It is an interactive pet camera that is partially a robot with a treat dispenser. It comes with a companion which allows pet owners to interact and control the camera. The high speed and the game mode will enable pets to have fun.

  1. Petcube Play 2

This pet cam comes with a laser toy and two-way audio with a 4x zoom camera. However, its advanced feature comes with a $10  monthly subscription.


Pet cams are worthy if you are one of those pet owners who travel frequently. However, when you buy a smart pet cam, ensure that it has all the required features. It is preferable not to purchase the automatic treat dispenser feature without consulting a vet. 

Avoid pet cams with aromatic qualities as they can have fumes that may not suit your pets and cause allergies. Smart pet cams with gaming mode and night vision come on the higher end, but they allow your furry friend round-the-clock monitoring and entertainment.


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