Snap Connect: An expansion of Snap Focus

Snapchat Snap Connect

Snap chat has announced a new element for marketers, called Snap Connect, which is essentially an expansion of its educational platform Snap Focus. The new feature contains an advanced course from experts to help marketers understand how to use the platform for direct-response advertising efficiently.

According to Snapchat, each one of these ‘Snap Connect’ certification will offer detailed insights from various experts on the topic, it will provide product solutions and creative practices that can help with advertising campaigns on the platform.

Further, each one of these will consist of client success stories as well, and each course will be optimized based on the industry you prefer and the region you reside in.

As explained on their business-focused blog for marketers, Snapchat has designed and created three certifications for each industry and region. Each one of them can help creators with building campaigns that can make an impact.

These three industries include mobile gaming, apps, and E-Commerce. Marketers can choose to learn any individual course of their choice of all three of them as well.

Specialized Learning

Each one of these courses will offer a specialized learning experience to the users. These courses will include detailed insights from subject matter experts who will help you understand direct response solutions for advertising. Each course will offer video-based modules as well, which will enhance the learning experience.

To obtain the certification in these courses, the user will need to understand the videos and pass an exam at the end. Head over to Snap Focus and create your account to start learning with snap connect.


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