Social Media Strategy Review- Huggies


Huggies is a well known brand dealing in disposable diapers for children. Before being publically launched, it was introduced in market in 1968 for test and later on was introduced as a brand in market in 1978 and replaced Kimbie.


Huggies social media strategy: Well, Huggies has used the social media platforms to the fullest. It has done everything which can help it to get good positive response and a high end publicity. When you will enter their social pages, you will come to know that 169683 people are following their Facebook fan page. This clearly shows that large number of people are using the product worldwide.


The brand keeps on updating their page with new posts regularly. Though the frequency of posts is not that much high, but they manage to keep it one per day.

h3Huggies do not try to engage and attract audience via written posts but keep on posting useful videos time to time on their page. These videos are very helpful for those who want to learn how to take care of a baby and many other things.


All the mothers and expecting mothers, Huggies have a very interesting section for you. In this section you will get several articles on various topics which would help you to become a good mother. These articles will tell you about the needs of your baby and how you should maintain yourself when you are expecting a baby.

h5All the parents out there can come to know about the latest offers on Huggies products. What they have to do is just review this page entitled “Special Offers” often.

h6Huggies on Twitter: Just like Facebook, the number of followers is quite high on Twitter. When you will open the twitter page, you will notice a very cute baby on their cover and below that you will get complete description of followers, tweets etc.

h7If we talk about their tweets then, they manage to tweet regularly on their twitter page. They use pictures and videos to make their tweets engaging. These days twitter is as widely used as Facebook and hence equal preference should be given to those. That is exactly what Huggies is doing.


Huggies on YouTube: Huggies is using every social media platform quite wisely and YouTube is the proof to this. They have large number of videos on their YouTube channel.

Each video is having large number of views indicating that a big section of customers is following them regularly.

Other Strategies: Huggies want to leave no stone unturned in reaching their customers therefore the renowned brand is investing a decent amount of money in advertisements and ads. They are also hiring popular celebrities for their endorsements. The baby brand is taking every possible step to make their presence everlasting.



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