Sonali Awasthi’s Spoil Me Silly!- A Tale Of 6-Yards Of Modern Ethnicity And Sheer Elegance

Spoil me silly- Sonali Awasthi

Alessandro Michele once said that,

“The way you dress is an expression of your personality”.

Though what the iconic fashion designer said is cliche but true in all terms. Be it your messy wardrobe or your attire, they say much about your personality. From young missy to grannies everyone wants to be flawless when it comes to style and trend. The common we, profoundly inspire all the pomp and bedazzles of fashion. Many famous fashion personalities created whirls by bringing uniqueness with the designs and unusual collections.

Our article talks nothing boring but just something fascinating platform that speaks only worldly-wise fashion, accessories and more attire stuff which even few of us did not hear about. We can’t stop gushing about the website and the lady who mesmerizes and spoils women more and more to shop spree with her collection in her virtual store called “SpoilMeSilly”.

The interesting transformation…

Founded in 2009, Mumbai-centered SpoilMeSilly is a go-to station for all your fashion needs launched by Sonali Awasthi. She started the business as a home chef serving hungry tummies with the tasty food and later transformed herself into a designer.

The name is etched pretty funny way. The name was borne of banter when she and her close friends were dining out on a night, where one of her friends exclaimed, “Sonali, you always spoil us silly!”

One-stop e-boutique to get you more spoilt.

The journey of the online store kicked off with just 25 pairs of handcrafted earrings, selling from home, has now become the name synonym with exclusive handcrafted items.

Handcrafted earrings, necklaces, jeweled and necklace scarves were the noted items during the baby steps of the company. It started as a pop-up stall to 3 kiosks, and then a single shop, Spoil Me Silly as now grown into a boutique home that house all kinds of handcrafted jewelry, sarees, and home décor items.

Sonali proudly says, “It has grown from at 40 sq ft shop to 400sq ft.”

The multifaceted Woman

You don’t always need a plan. Sometimes you need to breathe, trust, let go, and see what happens. – Mandy Hale

This is what Sonali believes and does it.

Sonali is a hotel management graduate from IHM, Mumbai, who firmly believes that her struggles, sacrifices and balancing acts are not the way to measure her success. Her journey is a melange of Fun-Laughter-Tears-Creations-Family-Support-Positivity-Inspirations-Happiness-and loads & loads of hard work.

Pretty straight and cool!

Her first job at Taj Mansingh taught her a lot. Sonali worked for 8 years at KLM Airlines. All the hard work and experiences made her what is she today. Being a mother of two did not make her stop pursuing her dreams to be a successful woman. After quitting her job without any regrets, Sonali explored and honed her skills, learned professional make-up, took up freelancing and more.

Being the creative and smart person, she started the venture called SpoilMeSilly in 2009 as a gourmet food service supplying to homes all over the city as well as corporates. Then a year later into Sarees, Apparel, Jewellery, and Accessories.

When asked about her mantra, she confidently says, “Self- Respect, Discipline, and Hard work and above all DO IT NOW!! Surround yourself with smiles and positive energy – and watch your WORLD change!!”

The passion and belief created magic!

Spoil Me Silly started as a passion and strong belief.The jewelry and accessories line is mostly handmade in-house products where the shopping store got a fantastic string of women to handcraft their products. They engage with the local craftsmen and artisans to refine the products.

The online boutique has sarees from all over India with unique block prints. It also offers Hand painted recycled Bottle lamps, Coasters, Chain scarves, Trays, Decoupage and more with a twist by creating and playing with colors and creativity.

Sonali’s SpoilMeSilly can be seen as full of ideas, colors, and combinations that put together with elegance.

Sonali’s Perception of growing Women Entrepreneurs

As per her notion, Entrepreneurs are the most significant assets of the economy in any means. Entrepreneurs face multiple barriers (regardless of gender). She feels that Women entrepreneurs are talented, strong and capable enough to run the empire, but still, there is a division and lacks potential support. Women are optimistic and breaking society cordons.

She strongly supports the women empowering by partnering with women and racing towards a more gender equal future.


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