Spacetech Bellatrix Raises Fundings From Investors Including Deepika Padukone

Spacetech startup Bellatrix raises fundings form investors including Deepika Padukone

Bellatrix, a space-tech startup has raised $3 Million in recent Pre-Series A round that led by IDFC- Parampara, Karsemven Fund, StartupXseed, and Survam Partners.

The Aerospace has also seen the participation of other investors, including Deepika Padukone- KA Enterprises LLP, CIIE- and incubator of IIM, GrowX Ventures, SINE- an incubator of IIT Bombay.

Bellatrix aerospace startup

Bengaluru-based startup aerospace with the recent fundings aims to focus on expanding its teams that currently has 14 members. Bellatrix aerospace is founded in 2015 by Rohan M Ganapathy and Yashas Karanam.

The space-tech startup works on rocket propulsion technologies and advanced in-space propulsion systems by taking measures to make space accessibility more affordable. It is building an electric-based propulsion system, MPT (Microwave Plasma Thrusters). This is an eco-friendly choice compared to the now chemical propulsion systems.

The MPT is a lightweight thruster holds three-time longer life and is more cost-effective. ISRO and Bellatrix have joined for technology development.

Bellatrix also plans to build its launch vehicles.

The startup is targeting a client base that involves satellite operators working on imaging, navigation, observation, technology applications. Specifically, the company is working on operators that work in low earth orbit where future internet transmission and satellite delivery services will be operated.

Rohan Ganapathy, co-founder, said

“During the coming months, we will be subjecting our thrusters to rigorous ground qualification tests and also work on key innovations that will make our products stand out. We will also be expanding to key global locations.”

He also adds that Bellatrix hopes to close Series A funding round by the end of 2020 and establish offices in the US and Europe.

Space-tech in India has reached full potentiality or possibly competing with the private space tech organizations like SpaceX or Blue Origin. With the help of the Indian government, there are more chances of seeing better India-space thing with more innovations by leveraging technology.


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