Swiggy Go: Swiggy launches pick-up and drop service in Bengaluru

swiggy delivery

Swiggy today announced its latest service in Bengaluru ‘Swiggy Go’. The service will enable users to pick and drop anything through Swiggy.

Food ordering and delivery platform Swiggy aims to expand its ‘Swiggy Go’ service to atleast 300 cities by 2020. In a press release the comany said its new feature is perfect for today’s fast moving lifestyle and and will help the people who run small businesses and requires to deliver frequently.The company added that its delivery fleet will help in deliver anything ranging from baked goods, documents, laundry, handmade toiletries etc.

Commenting on the launch of Swiggy Go and phased expansion of Swiggy Stores, Sriharsha Majety, CEO, Swiggy, said, “Swiggy’s vision is to elevate the quality of life of urban consumers by offering unparalleled convenience. After enabling this with food delivery for five years and stores across the city with Swiggy Stores, Go will open the Swiggy delivery superpower to all consumers in the city.”

“Bangalore will be the first city in the country to experience Swiggy do the last-mile delivery for everything, not just food. By 2020, we will expand Swiggy Go to over 300 cities and Swiggy Stores to all the major metros, ushering in a new era of convenience for consumers across India,” he added.


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