The Effect of Coronavirus on Tech Industry

Corona Virus

We all know that the coronavirus has made many people anxious about their well being and it has led to the hoarding of many sanitary products. Today let us take a look at the other effects the coronavirus has had on the lives of people, i.e, the effect of the virus on Technology.

In the tech Industry companies that have been directly affected by the outbreak of the virus in China have taken the first steps. Apple has warned it’s investors that the supply of Apple iPhones, which are the companies main product and provide a huge portion of the company’s revenue, might drop due to most of Apple’s iPhones being manufactured in China. Chinese customers are also a huge part of Apple’s customer base which is likely to take a hit due to the outbreak.

Next Microsoft also warned their customers as a lot of their software installation of Windows happens by their customers in China, which is also likely to fall due to the shutdown and lockdown on major cities in China.

Samsung said that it will stop its Production in South Korea for a while and move the production of its mobile Phones to Vietnam for the time being to avoid the risk of getting infected with the virus.

A lot of major players in the Tech game such as; Facebook, Verizon, IBM, AT&T, etc,  have pulled out of advertising events and Conferences to avoid any spread of the virus within their companies. Even employees at Amazon worldwide operations, the company’s largest division, were told that they should avoid travelling domestically or internationally “until further notice”.

On the online side of things,  website owners and bloggers will take a big hit. Corona Virus has jumped to the second spot from last month’s 8th spot on the keyword Blocklist making it a pain for news writers online. Major companies are pulling out of various websites that write about the Virus to keep their brand image clean and pure. Ad agencies justify it by saying ‘ No one wants to sponsor bad news’. Even YouTube has announced that it will demonetise every video about the corona Virus until further notice, in February. 

This can also be seen as an advantage for minor companies as the ad inventory for the Corona Virus is running low, so the ad space for websites with material related to the Corona Virus is relatively cheaper than before.  

The CoronaVirus has even affected the education system in the United States of America. Many colleges and students are looking to set up classes online instead of going to classes regularly to avoid the unnecessary spread of the virus. 

The virus has affected the lives of many people in more ways than one, and its effect on technology is a lot more than meets the eyes.


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