The Jewel Group lays a digital foundation with Fruitbowl Digital

fruitbowl digital - Jewel Crest

In a city that is constantly having its skyline upgraded, how many realtors can truly say that they offer exactly what residents need? The Jewel Group has been delivering on their promises for decades and intend to keep that legacy alive with Jewel Crest, the latest jewel in their crown, a luxury tower in the heart of Mahim, Mumbai. Extending that promise to consumers is exactly what Fruitbowl intends to do through innovative and interactive communication across digital platforms.

“Carpet size and elevation sell houses, but experiences, comfort and the little details create homes,” says Dedeepya Reddy, Co-Founder, Fruitbowl Digital. “Building a story and connecting with the audience is so much more important than constantly boring them with the nitty-gritty of regular real-estate communication. We’re not trying to give our digital audience reasons to buy a house; we’re giving them the promise of a life that they can look forward to.”

Commenting on the association, Ramesh Pahlajani, Partner, Jewel Villas and Developers LLP – says, “Every multi-towered luxury property will make promises of the best amenities, but what they don’t tell you is how many people you will be sharing those experiences with. At Jewel Crest, we offer international standards of luxury along with the promise of exclusivity and privacy to every resident of our 40 homes. Fruitbowl’s ideas and their approach to creative communication was the perfect fit for our brand and we can envision Jewel Crest reaching greater digital heights with this partnership.”


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