The Science Of Copywriting- How To Get Audience Engage With The Captions

The science of copywriting-How to get audience engage with the captions

“There is your audience. There is the language. There are the words that they use.” – Eugene Schwartz

Simple and Straight.

The science of copywriting is understandable if you know how to and when to draw the audience towards the advertisements. Copywriting reveals what story your brand is telling about.

The pulling of the audience towards the brands with the advertisements has started many moons back. Generally, we will not associate copywriting and social media captions or titles because they are entwined closely. Back then we used pen and paper, now digitally advertising about the brand.

Every good caption announces the audience about the things they do not see asap, instead incites us to look at a video or an image. Gucci!

Explore the science of copywriting and understand how to maneuver on captions

Let’s swoop in more!

Realistic Storytelling Versus Romanticized Storytelling- Know the profound chasm

“Storytelling is the greatest technology that humans have ever created.” — Jon Westenberg

Who doesn’t love stories and storytelling, it is the greatest power humans have within them. The infinity power to grab the eyeballs of people is through storytelling.

Always never expect that the stories will be like Jane Austen’s epistolary novels or which starts like Once upon a time, One day,….blah blah.

Never make stories look noisy and something which people cannot have. Tell stories in a better and sensible way where they can afford to feel it at least.

The present social media stories are in the form of videos, captions, photos, and texts; or most often we see a caption with the photo or a video.

The caption can be in the form of multiple lines or one word or even a sentence. No matter how long is your caption unless it you get the audience engagement. Knowing your audience and self-knowledge are the key terms for great storytelling.

How to improve your captions?

Once Peter Zarlenga said that:

“In our factory, we make lipstick. In our advertising, we sell hope.”

Namesake advertising or uninspiring advertising is not healthy to the brand you sell even your quality is excellent and fit. The audience always and ever finds it interesting if your writing is good and how well you are exciting them with your captions.

Tip card 1: Always go for shorter, simpler copywriting

Firstly, do remember, the shorter and simpler the message, the more engagement.

World’s largest brands like 9Gag, Chanel, Nike, Apple, Coca-Cola, or Microsoft, just like how speechless their visuals are, their captions are equally captivating.

Secondly, most of them tend to write long and pompous captions. Avoid it. The fewest words with simple language shower your brand with thumbs up.

Tip Card 2: Create a narrative urgency

Every sentence must serve a practical purpose. That’s what narrative urgency is all about. Your reader must feel the excitement after reading the first sentence and curious to know what’s the second is about. The second should drive them to third and so forth.

Most of the famous brands tell lots of stories with a shorter caption. And it works pretty best.

Tip Card 3: Show the audience the facts sheet

This is the other way to improve your advertising. The best way to lure your audience is to prove them with the figures, data, facts, and stats.

Copywriters have been practicing the figure or number game for ages.

3 Copywriting tricks/tips to improve your relationship with the audience

1. Respect your “Punctuation.”

To show uniqueness and cadence in your writing, play with the punctuations- commas, dashes, colons, periods. This propels the audience towards your advertisement.

2. Use proper vocabulary to make your writing precise and comprehensible

Choose your vocabulary wisely. Having a grip on how to use the vocabulary with more words really comes handy to use.

3. Grab readers’ trust in 30-seconds

Readers’ time, attention and trust are more important to a copywriter. It is always suggested that to make a 30 seconds communication with the captions rather than boring your audience with a lengthy 3 minutes reading.

Whizsky’s word for thought

Know the science of copywriting. Understand people’s frame of mind. Give them hope by selling through advertisement.



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