The Story behind the Most Successful Destination Management Company in the UAE

Rayna group

The Rayna Group has proven to be one of the most popular global suppositions – that if one believes in oneself, it is possible to attain extraordinary feats! It’s much more than having a great idea or having a great team in place. It’s about believing in oneself, and that has been aptly proven by Rayna Tours, who took their business from its humble beginnings to an incredibly successful global Destination Management Company (DMC) that it is today.

All about the Rayna Group 

Rayna Tours and Travels is a DMC par excellence, based out of Dubai, UAE. The company was incepted in 2006 by Manoj Tulsani and his friend Kamlesh Ramchandani. Today, Rayna Tours is one of the biggest names in both B2C and B2B destination management markets, thanks to their impeccable service attitude, a wide range of products and services and global philosophy. We think it’s time, to take a look at how Rayna Tours and Travels grew into the giant it is now within such a short amount of time.

Manoj-Tulsani-CEO-Rayna-ToursCEO Of Rayna Tours and Travels-Manoj Tulsani

At the Very Beginning 

Rayna Tours and Travels’ founders Manoj Tulsani and Kamlesh Ramchandani were colleagues at Safeer Group of Companies, where they met and found that they both liked to travel. It was the beginning of their dreams; their desire for travel and the urge to make travel easily available to people put the seed of Rayna Tours and Travels into their minds. They began their enterprise within the Flora Grand Hotel, organizing trips for the hotel guests. However, there wasn’t enough money and the lack of a team, a business mentor and other resources were sorely felt.

The company’s inception took away the personal savings they had put away. Manoj and Kamlesh worked through these shortcomings and continued to meticulously organize tours for hotel guests. Rayna Tours and Travels was born, and more and more hotels in Dubai soon boasted of a dedicated travel company managing tours for the hotel guests. Soon the four and five-star hotels jumped into the fray and Rayna Tours and Travels became established as a full-grown Destination Management Company in Dubai.

Rayna Tours is an ISO-certified company headquartered in Abu Hail, Dubai. Rayna has more than 70 travel outlets across the popular shopping centres and hotels in Dubai.

International Branches, Value-packed Services and Diversified Business Solutions

By then, Rayna Tours and Travels had established itself as a massive success in the UAE and India. It was time to explode into international markets. Soon branches were opened in other parts of the world, such as Malaysia, Singapore, Cape Town, Turkey and Thailand. Rayna Tours and Travels launched a cooperative sightseeing pass in partnership with Abu Dhabi’s government, the very first of its kind. The sightseeing pass, called the My Abu Dhabi Pass comes to travellers with the blessings of the Abu Department of Culture and Tourism (DCT). With this pass, it is possible to enjoy up to 50% savings on Abu Dhabi sightseeing. It was about at this time that Rayna Tours and Travels decided to diversify into real estate and construction. That’s how Rayna’s sister concerns, Raasha Real Estate and KNR Transport, were born.

The Very Best Services For Less 

Rayna operates on the philosophy that a good time needn’t cost the world. Accordingly, the company offers a remarkable lineup of travel products including yacht tours, desert safaris, limousine tours, dhow cruises, adventure tours and more, at excellent prices. Rayna manages these tours and their intricate logistics on its own, without involving middlemen. They keep a stern and direct finger on the tours’ affordability, quality, cost and logistics. Rayna has always held on to and has delivered, time and again, on the promise of exceptional customer experience and best price guarantee for its offerings.

Rayna’s Successful Tryst with Technology 

As Rayna Tours’ customer base grew, it was time to enter the e-commerce scenario by starting their own technical wing. Technoheaven was thus born, with the launching of Rayna’s own website. With this website in place, Rayna was now more equipped to cater to their swiftly growing customer base.

Rayna’s successful online platform is backed by efficient 24/7 customer service. The site features sightseeing tours, visa services, dining services, global hotel reservations, luxury cruises, desert safaris and much more. The site offers and ensures top-end support to international shoppers who can quickly book tours on the site in various parts of the world without leaving their homes. On the website, you can find holidaying opportunities in several countries – Georgia, Singapore, Dubai, Cape Town, Hong Kong, and Malaysia.

Rayna B2B platform offers a range of features which is used by Rayna’s 20,000 agents and tour operators. This site is also used by emerging businesses to generate reliable and regular income. Rayna also introduced its own app that can be easily downloaded from Google Playstore or App Store. People can book tours via the app and also access a range of other services.

With Rayna’s tour website and its friendly tour app, holidaymakers no longer have to rely on ready-made tour packages. They can create their own holiday packages and customize tours to suit their budgets, time and interests. They can play with travel components such as sightseeing, accommodation, visa services, airport transfers, sightseeing trips, and theme park entry tickets, cultural and culinary experiences and so on to put together their own trips.

Rayna’s Well-deserved Awards and Recognitions 

Rayna has been bestowed with multiple awards, in just recognition of the company’s innovative value-added services, intelligent tours and travels and business excellence. Some of these awards are much coveted in the travel industry, as follows:

• TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence (2016)

• Certificate of Appreciation from Yas Island (2013 and 2014)

• Best Performer Award from Ferrari World (2017)

• Best Performer Award from Yas Waterworld (2017)

• Best Partner Award for Dubai Parks and Resorts (2017)

Here’s To a Great Future for Rayna Tours!

Innovative ideas, enormous amounts of self-confidence and unrelenting determination are the hallmarks of great entrepreneurship. Rayna and its team make it a point to never turn away from challenges. The praiseworthy success of this company is due to this fact, and the fact that Rayna and its global team of 500 employees continue to march on towards greater success, never looking back, facing obstacles with steely positivity and determination.


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