TikTok is Removing Videos That Violate Community Guidelines


After getting negative reviews of exposing children to inappropriate content, TikTok has removed six million videos from its platform for violating community guidelines.

In a press release by the company TikTok said: “As part of its commitment towards providing a positive in-app environment for its users in India, revealed that it has removed over six million videos that have violated its Community Guidelines.”

“TikTok has also introduced its age-gate feature for its new users, which will only allow users age 13 years and above to login and create an account on TikTok, further adding to the safety mechanisms in place to ensure that underage users do not use the platform.”

A few days back a tragic incident in Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu where Three college students met with an accident while they are triple riding on a motorbike at speed and recording their ride. M. Manikandan, Information Technology Minister of Tamil Nadu, raised his voice against the ban of TikTok app in Tamil Nadu after the horrendous incident took place.

Keeping track of all these TikTok also has recently launched TikTok’s Safety Center and resource pages tackling Anti-bullying in ten major local languages – Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali, Punjabi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, and Oriya.

The launch of the localized Safety Center empowers the users to keep their accounts safe and learn how to choose to keep their accounts private and use other features in their own language.



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