Twitter Updates ‘Live Video’ Feature With User Hosting Three Guests

Twitter updates live video with three guests to join

Twitter is updating its live broadcasting abilities by enabling up to three guests, including a host user to broadcast simultaneously.

A user live hosting a video appears on the screen where he/she can invite three other users to join but only with audio broadcasting. Followers can hear guests on the broadcasting and can drop off any time. The host, if the guests end the conversation, can invite other people to join in the live video.

Twitter on this update says that it is working on guests to broadcast video, but for now, can join in audio form only. The feature by Twitter tries to bring a new strategy to Twitter chats.

Working of a Twitter’s Live Chat video

  • Click on camera icon or tap from the Tweet composer.
  • Click on Live mode at the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap on the faces icon on the upper right by allowing live viewers to request and join the broadcast.
  • Hit Go LIVE button to start your broadcast.
  • A notification appears in the chat requesting you to add in the broadcast.
  • Click on the ‘+’ button to the guests.
  • Your guest can be removed by hitting the X on the top right of their icon.


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