WhatsApp Business Integrated Ad Creation To Its Platform

WhatsApp Business Integrated Ad Creation To Its Platform

The WhatsApp app has continued to iterate upon its simplified online social messenger design over the years.

This has kept the app intuitive for its users by keeping a focus on its core features.

The app itself can run on pretty much any multimedia mobile phone today, this has allowed the company to see and capture a demographic that uses the app only for business purposes.

This app is called the WhatsApp business app, this app has specialized tools for people looking to bring advances to their businesses on the online platform.


Recently WhatsApp business app has introduced a tool that allows its users to create ads within the platform itself.

These ads could be created using third-party apps or Facebook ad manager, that could be released on the Facebook or Instagram platforms.

When these ads were uploaded to both of these platforms, the viewers of these ads were presented with a call to action that allowed the viewers of these apps to directly communicate with its publisher with a button that said ‘click here to message on WhatsApp’.

Now, however, the WhatsApp business App allows its users to create ads within the WhatsApp business app that can then be published on these platforms.


We saw Facebook take a similar approach to its story scheduling feature on its Facebook business suite, which similar to this addition, was possible to do via other third-party tools but the company integrated this feature into the business suite itself.

This approach really does not seem to have any cons at all as it makes the users interact more with the platform which is always a win for any social media platform, and streamlines the user experience, limiting it to the app itself.


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