Twitter To Impose Political Ads Policies Ahead Of 2019 Indian Elections


Twitter on Tuesday said it is going to disclose the details of political ads spends and impressions data of tweet from political entities to its users in India. Online giants like Facebook and Google have been in the process to strengthen their laws concerned with political advertising policies in order to provide transparency on their platforms.

Ahead of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, the government is warning all the major platforms of taking strong action if any attempt was made to incite or influence the election process by any undesirable means.

All the social media platforms are ensuring strict policies on political ads to have no-nonsense during the 2019 elections in India. The platform also includes a visual label and disclaimer data on campaigning content from certified accounts, as per the statement by Twitter.

It also added that “This will allow people to easily identify political campaign ads and to know who paid for them.”

The policy will be initiated from March 11, only after the certified advertisers allowed to run the political campaigning ads by applying for certification.

The micro-blogging site recently has faced heated allegations of political biasing in the country, has been called by Indian House panel before February 25 on the issue of safeguarding citizens’ data privacy.

In a statement by Twitter,
“Twitter deeply respects the integrity of the election process and are committed to providing a service that fosters and facilitates free and open democratic debate. The Indian election is a priority for the company, and Twitter will continue to share openly and transparently about its work to protect and enhance the public conversation.”

Tech giants Google and Facebook also stated that they were going to make compulsory disclosements of the political advertisements on its platforms like purchasing election ads and the money spent on the campaigns.


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