TikTok Testing New Music Tab On Artist Profile

TikTok Music Tab

Music has been one of the key parts of TikTok’s rise, and the platform is testing new ways they can improve the music discovery. They’ll be adding artist’s songs on some musician’s profiles.

TikTok Music Tab

As you can see above, there’s a new third tab labelled ‘music’ that’s added to artist profiles. If you tap on the music icon on the left side, you’ll see the list of all artist songs that are available for you on the app. Users on the platform can then choose which song they want to add to their videos.

This addition will help the users find music easily while building a better relationship with the artists, by giving them a dedicated profile option to It seems like a fairly logical, simple addition for Tipromote their own music.

This step is essential for TikTok as music is a core part of their platform. Just like Vine before this, making short and caching videos is much more appealing than longer ones. Since each song can be placed in a different type of situation, giving it a different angle, every time.

All you have to do is tap on a song from a video on the platform and you’ll see the complete list of other videos that used the same music. You can then use one of those songs into your own video by tapping on ‘use this sound’. Vine also tried the same but could go ahead with the feature. But Tiktok is working hard to get avoid the same fate, by aggressive monetization and features like this.

It’s hard to tell how thin pans out in the future, but a small feature like this can be a great opportunity for brands, by growing their audience base.


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