Tips of Pinterest Marketing for the Fashion Industry



Today, Pinterest is one of the leading social media platforms, used by various brands to promote their products. Pinterest can indeed work wonders for fashion brands. By posting the exclusive designs of your brand, you can engage several fans and followers. However, Pinterest marketing is not just about arousing your target audience’s interest and getting your content re-pinned. You need to formulate a proper Pinterest strategy for maximum benefit.

Time it Right

First and foremost, prepare a schedule for your pins. This way, you will be able to track, monitor and analyse the number and the kind of content you create to boost your brand visibility. Of course, Pinterest marketing success depends largely on your pin timings.

 Your Pin Schedule

Along with your Pin Calendar, another important thing you need to consider your content. You must include pin buttons on your website, with the help of which the visitors to your web page will be able to pin your designs. By putting Pinterest buttons of your blog, website, newsletters etc., you can easily go viral all over the Internet with your fabulous designs

Communicate your Design Ideas

Don’t limit yourself to just posting pictures. Instead, talk more about your designs- the thoughts that went behind creating your designs, if there’s any meaning to your design or what category your design belongs to. Little storytelling in Pinterest marketing will always work in your favour.

Adding Flavor to your Pins


When creating a board in Pinterest for your fashion brand, determine the demographics of your target audience – the age group you want to target, their geographic location. Also, make a plan of what do you want your boards to reflect of your brand.

If you are a fashion clothing brand, you could fill your board with movie pictures or books matching your brand’s designs. Another idea is, you could create a board suggesting where people could the kind of clothes you design and promote. Another type of board could highlight the celebrities wearing your products in movies and commercials.

Pinterest contests are in vogue. When you create a contest board, ask your fans and followers to pin specific fashion designs. Then give a random prize to the person whose pin/s receive the maximum number of actions. Remember to announce the winner’s name in other social media channels- this way you can generate fresh content pertaining to your Pinterest account.

Your Comments

Commenting on your pins is a good way to build interpersonal relationship with your followers. You could comment ‘Thanks for your pin and include a flattering comment such as wow, that’s a great find or something like isn’t this a perfect lounge wear.

Importance of a Pinterest Strategy

As stated earlier, Pinterest marketing requires a strategy. If you are new to Pinterest, you could go through their business centre and learn the tips intended for small business owners to create and market impactful visual content. In case, time is a big constraint for you, hire a social media manager who could help you with fan engagement and fan base expansion with Pinterest. Your social media manager will track and analyse your Pinterest strategy and help you drive significant traffic to your website







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