Tips To Make Viral Instagram Reels

viral instagram reels

In 2020, a short content format started disrupting the internet with people at home in the pandemic. To give competition to TikTok as it was banned in several countries, Instagram Reels were launched. Everybody is leveraging to make viral Instagram reels to generate revenue and build engagement from content creators to brands. 

Businesses have even started to leverage viral Instagram Reel Ads to showcase their products and services. Amidst all the diverse types of content on Instagram, reels have wider reach and engagement. 

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But how to make viral Instagram Reels that will grow your brand’s reach on the platform is the big question?

The Instagram algorithm favors those brands that are creating viral reel trends that have a popular culture appeal with an original touch. 

With any further ado, here are the tips to create viral Instagram Reels

  1. Focus on scripting

Before you start shooting the reel, create a script to understand the flow of the reel. If your reel script is strong and engaging, it will help to create viral Instagram reels. 

Scripting also allows creators and brands to make crips and to the point Instagram Reels where their ideas and messaging clearly come across. 

  1. Show value

The time audiences spend watching the reels is a big investment for brands or creators. The viewing time of the audience must be respected, hence, it is imperative that the value addition of the reels is clearly defined. 

Are the reels created for just entertainment or showcasing some information? This understanding will help to create better Instagram Reels and drive up the engagement rate. 

  1. Own up the trends

Every day, Instagram gets cluttered with new viral trends. This can be a trending dialogue or music. What brands and creators do is fail to add authenticity to the trends. They do not align it with their brand’s persona. 

The music can be combined or remixed in a certain way that fits your brand or the products. 

This will help the reel to stand out from the crowd and influence your target audiences. 

For instance, the reel trend- Skip To The Good Part was viral and used by travelers. The clothing brand Suta launched its food-printed sarees and leveraged the trend with the product launch. 

  1. Good editing

Many Instagram Reels fail to get proper traction as the editing quality is poor. The transitions are not quick or engaging to hook the audience. 

Hence, brands and creators must leverage tools such as In Shots or Adobe Premier to edit the reels. 

Publishing quality reels with good editing will help to attract the audience’s attention as well as make them visually appealing. 

  1. Have a cover photo

Most people skip the reel content if they fail to understand the context. Hence, having a cover photo with text to explain the concept of the reel must be added to grand the audience’s attention. Using designing tools can help you to create good cover photos for the reels

The picture and the text should be visually appealing and catchy as it is a teaser for the audience to watch the reels.

Lastly, have fun while making the reels!


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