Top 10 LinkedIn Marketing Tips


LinkedIn is the world’s popular social website of professionals and business persons. It contains more than 562 million users from more than 200 countries. LinkedIn is used for getting jobs and promoting businesses. Companies prefer LinkedIn as the best marketing platform. It is the largest social platform which provides B2B marketing. B2B is the business to business marketing that helps businesses to communicate directly with each other. If you want to promote your business then you can create a business page on LinkedIn and sell your services and products. Nowadays companies hire people from the different employment websites like Indeed, Monster, Career Builder, Dice, Glassdoor and LinkedIn. LinkedIn provides the largest network where companies hire individuals with required education and relevant skills, and website owners promote their services and products on LinkedIn.

But how LinkedIn earn money? Many people are confused about this. LinkedIn makes their 20% revenue that is around $114 million from the premium subscriptions, their 61% of revenue or around $345 million comes from the recruitment services which they sold to professional recruiters and employers, and their 19% revenue or $109 million comes from the advertising services which they sold to online marketing companies and website owners. We can use LinkedIn to increase our connections for getting freelance work, for increasing the customers from different cities and countries. There are so many tips by which we can expand our business with LinkedIn. From those tips let’s discuss about the top 10 LinkedIn marketing tips.

#1 Starts with Personal LinkedIn Profile

You are thinking that why we start with our own profile. But it’s true because people don’t do business with the company they do with the people that can be an owner or an employee. When people search for an employee or a business person that searches for his/her name and you also want that you will be searched by someone who can go through your profile and can hire you. Sometimes we search for a company to apply and LinkedIn shows information about the people who work for the same company where you are going to apply.

#2 Investing in Banner Images

When a user visits your company page then the first thing they see is your company’s banner image. Invest some money to create impressive and high-quality banner images to promote the company and their services. We can use that space to promote upcoming products, announcements and advertisements campaigns etc. 

#3 Effective Business Page

For marketing, it is must to create a company page on LinkedIn. The company page is used to promote the services and this page also gives ample of opportunities to the customers. In LinkedIn, with the help of company page, you can apply for jobs in the company and you can also deal with the other businesses and grow your network. With the help of company page, people know about your company, your products, about your customer services and about your upcoming events.

#4 Join Groups

We can join up to 40 groups on LinkedIn and that helps us to grow our network. There are some professionals which participate in the discussion of groups. We can promote our services and company in different groups. As a person, you can become the owner of those groups or you can create a new one also. 

#5 Optimize your company page

It is important to optimize your company page search to gain audience and customers. We can increase the search of our company page by sharing the links of the page on the blog posts or articles. We can increase our search by the help of youtube. It is must to have an SEO friendly business page so that your page can be seen in the top Google search results. We can use keywords in our article to increase the ranks of our website. We can share our business page on the social platforms like Facebook, Google plus, and Instagram.

Add Followers to the Company page

When users follow your business page then all the updates will be appear on the user’s feed. If you have the more followers in your company page then your business expands. We can speak with our employees to gain more followers to their networks by telling about their company. We can send invitations to our customers and business partners to become followers of your business page. We can promote our LinkedIn business page with the help of emails, blog posts and newsletters. We can also add a follow button to our company page to gain new customers and users.

 Publish Creative Content on the company page

Content should be written in a way so that people attracts to your company page. Customers only satisfy when they get proper information about the product you are offering to them so it is must to provide each and every information about the product in an easy and creative language. When your company’s page gets feedbacks and recommendations then your business grows.

Use Media

Media is very important for every article or posts. It doesn’t matter that posts are related to any promotion or any kind of social works. Media should be there in every post like adding images, videos, screenshots, chart diagrams and audio clips to the articles. People often remember images and videos more rather than remembering text-based article. They can easily learn articles if it includes some media.

Sponsor your content

When we promote our products and services on LinkedIn then we write posts or articles about it and sometime we get high traffic or engagement in articles. So if we want to expand that particular article then we can sponsor our article by this you can promote your product directly on the feeds of professionals and companies. We only have to look for our best article and just need to use sponsor those posts and articles.

Create Ad campaigns

There are too many ways to advertise a company like promote business on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and we can do video marketing by us of Youtube. You can promote your business on LinkedIn by self-service ads and LinkedIn ad campaigns. LinkedIn contains three elements for ad campaigns i.e targeting, bidding and optimization & measurement. Advertising campaign are used to display bunch of advertisement messages that makes an Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC).




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