Top Games to Play in Facebook in 2022


It is hoped that there exists not a single guy in this world who does not hold knowledge about Facebook. It is among those popular social networking sites which are known to provide additional features including that of chatting.


It is high time to give a try to some of the top Facebook games in 2015 which include:

Candy Crush Saga


The simplicity, mind blowing and sweet features have made it an awesome game. The availability of 30 levels of Dreamworld, the fun of playing the game can be enjoyed in both iOS as well as Android platforms. For convenience, the app stock up like Google can be preferred for downloading the same.

Pet Rescue Saga


If you hold a kind heart, you can easily save the birds, dogs and cats from a trapped building which has been engulfed with deadly inferno. You may take help of helicopters cum fire extinguisher to abet in this game. It can be enjoyed in mobile phones as well.

Farm Heroes Saga


The time has come to prepare for embarking on a agricultural quest for concluding with an definitive farmhouse male protagonist. By enjoying features of the game, Farm Heroes Saga even in mobile phones, you can match more than three lovable cropsies to coerce left Rancid anytime. After playing the game, you can easily switch back to Facebook home page.

Dragon City

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A new exciting game for breeding the dragons along with easy creation of a fantastic world of magical islands. It will be easy for you to combat against your pals with the help of the team of dragons. In order to hatch a dragon egg, it is good to consider a fairytale fun.

Bit strips

Bitstrips for Schools

It has been popular among the funny pages online! Easy to twist yourself and your friends into desired cartoon characters and share some awesome clown strips. The game will provide lots of funny experiences.

Texas HoldEm Poker


In case you prefer Poker game, then Texas HolEm Poker is the paramount suitable for you. It is among the largest, amazing, funny and freely available poker games in Facebook.

Farm Ville 2


Make your dream of creating your own thriving ranch in a gorgeous 3D globe of crops which comprise of a blend of breeze and lovable animals by playing Farm Ville 2. It is good and appreciable in comparison to its first version.

Diamond Dash


An additional pattern matching game in Facebook! In order to have a good time pass, Diamond Dash will be the best choice. It can easily be played on both desktop and mobile.

Papa Pear Saga

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In this game, a player must give his best to make each Papa Pear bouncing shot possible on every number of objects. The release of the game by King will let you earth a Papa Pear in the Barrel to switch on to the forthcoming level.

Criminal Case 


Among all the games till date, criminal case is highly adorable by teenagers in Facebook. It will provide an ample opportunity to become a police bureaucratas well as perform the tasks for searching the criminal. According to my opinion, it is an exciting and mind teasing game.


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