Top Growth Hacking Tips & tools for your business


In the age of digital marketing, growth hacking is the latest buzzword out there. With its potential impact on digital marketing strategies, growth hacking can do wonders for the marketing strategies of new brands and products launches. 

The path to growth hacking is not known to everyone as it is the new arrow in the quiver in marketing strategy. There is no clear definition for growth hacking. We can come up with a subtle definition for it as the strategy where the trial and error method is used to promote products and brands and find out which works the best. 

Here are different things to keep in mind while planning a growth hacking strategy:

  • Marketing tactics
  • Advertising platforms
  • Social media campaigning algorithm
  • Web Design decisions
  • Distributing tasks among the team 
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Team planning
  • Expenses related to the campaign
  • Content Marketing
  • Creativity level of campaigns

There are no long-term goals in growth hacking, but the focus is entirely on exponential growth. There are so many areas where growth hacking can be detrimental to the business by a significant margin if it does not work. You have seen that several cafes or restaurants shut down within months of operation as growth hacking strategies fail badly. 

Tips for the Growth Hacking for any type of business/blog/website

Social media platforms:

Social media platforms play a significant role in the growth of any business in these digital marketing times. Maybe Facebook or Twitter is not your forte, but many other social media platforms can make your business grow at an exponential rate.

Social media platforms provide a way to communicate with your audience at your preferred time and convenience. These are the new way of exchanging ideas and thoughts to your potential customers who are waiting for the right kind of product.

Other social media platforms are:

  • The Dots for creativity
  • for trading related business
  • Instagram 
  • Koo App
  • Quora


It is not easy to make a targeted audience for your services or products on your own social media platform. But, there is a way out. You can go for collaborating with other companies with the same types of services or products. 

A partnership or collaboration can be a game-changer for your business to take the growth of your products to a whole new level. You have to reach out to the potential partners who help you in various ways to promote your services.

It would be best if you found out a business partner who complements your products, and that is a big win for both of you as you are not competing with each other but helping each other grow.

Freebies for the Audience:

People are damn crazy for freebies. The freebies always work for the budding business, either online or offline. You should make hype for the freebies on social media platforms. With the announcement of freebies, you do not have to advertise separately for your products, as customers will be excited to know about your product to get the freebie. 

There is no hard and fast rule for the freebie as to what it should be or anything like that. It can be anything; for example, if you are starting a blog, then you can offer a free e-book for your coming visitor on your blog. It will improve your reliability among your audience.

Introduction Should be Awesome!

Let’s say the landing page of your website does not excite coming visitors; they don’t care about the hard work you have put into the content or products. 

You need to make your landing page so exciting that coming visitors are bound to check your services or products at least once. An enticing landing page ensures a conversion, hence into the growth of your website, blog or product.

Email marketing:

It would be best if you connected with your audience, and for that, you need their email ids. You can invite your audience to connect with you by making an emailing list. 

With the emailing list, you can invite them to ask you questions or suggestions about the service or product you are providing them. It is like a personal touch to your product. Your audience feels connected t you; they can rely on your service or product, they wait for your next blog.

Interactive Content:

Interactive content is the new rage in this modern world where everyone wants to interact virtually. You should go for some interactive content ideas like infographics where you connect with the audience virtually. It feels like you are explaining them something with simple pictures and words.

You can hire a freelancer to post some interactive stuff t your website or blog regularly. You can do some research, and make content according to your services or products.

Here are some tools that can be highly efficient to boost your productivity along with making excellent content for you:

Colibri: To show the engagement of your customers, where you can make conversions.

Pay With A Tweet: It is a fantastic way to get noticed when you are in the beginning phase of your website or blog.

Click to Tweet– You can promote your blog and website with this free tool easily. You can ask customers to tweet a particular product on Twitter, and boom, you have free publicity for your product.

  • MixRank
  • Highlight and Share
  • BounceX
  • Hello Bar
  • SessionCam
  • CrazyEgg
  • Amplitude
  • Unbounce
  • BuzzSumo

Just do not wait for the right opportunity, but go for it. You can make your website or blog grow at an exponential rate if you are:

  • Consistent
  • Persistent
  • A hardworking person with a sharp mind
  • Using latest technologies
  • Reaching the customers in the most interactive manner

Growth Hacking is not a magic code that will give you the results, but you have work for it to make it work.


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