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Every day with the new tweet bees, there is an increase in the number of report abuses and trolling as confirmed by its CEO. But the social network claims to have undertaken some serious reforms to control this issue.

As reported by Twitter the amount of report abuses and trolling issues has increased by five times in past six months.
To handle the same issue Twitter has tripled the staff looking into this matter. The company has also announced new procedures to deal with these abusers. However, it doesn’t describe change in detail.
In order to control more, twitter has rolled out different ways to report abuse but was truncated soon because of its lengthy questionnaire. Also the users who are temporary banned need to verify through their email address or phone number to resume using the services, stated by CEO Dick Costolo.
Costolo has also pledged further to improve the abuse reporting tools and make it simpler and quicker than the present services.