Twitter, one of the leading social networking platforms is again in news with its new policy about the post its users tweet. Twitter has bought people closer because of the public nature of the tweets posted. The amount of revenging post over twitter is increasing to which twitter is acting now.


Twitter has made clear that they would have no room for any sort of revenge porn of similar content on its social network.

Revenge Porn” which very much self-explanatory is growing rapidly lately and the circus, which arises around it is no matter of laughing. Twitter along with this cover all other form of nonconsensual adult content.

Twitter has taken an action over this matter by updating its policies. Twitter though has already prevented any pornographic or excessively violent posts, but it is now also dealing with the issues where the such post are subject to have any or even no resemblance with the particular person.

This new policy of twitter can be found in the private information rules. This abusive behavior policy states that users should not post any intimate photos or videos that were taken or even distributed without any consent of the user involved in it.

Twitter is one of the latest among the various others social networks to change its policy against adult content. Google Blogger and Reddit have changed its policy against the adult content last month in general.


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