Types Of Video Marketing And Its Benefits 

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Video marketing has attracted great attention from companies and start-ups in the contemporary world. Statistics suggest that about one out of three people watch marketing videos. Before diving into manufacturers who make the most of it, let us first know what it means. A Video marketing agency uses videos in the overall marketing strategy and psychology. Branded video production has proven to work. 

Types Of Video Marketing  

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Education service marketing helps build confidence between the tutor and the students. Explainer and tutorial videos can be created for video marketing purposes. But make sure to work with Corporate Video Production Company to avoid any pitfalls in video marketing and making. 

Company Culture 

This involves highlighting the company’s goals and missions through video marketing. It also highlights the personality of a company. The corporate video production company can be asked to cover event videos (like Apple uploads some clips from their real events on their channel as a strategy) or brand videos. 

Product videos 

In the Product videos, a video marketing agency showcases the products a company offers to the target audience. These may be either demo videos, launch videos, etc. 

Testimonial videos 

Through this marketing strategy, trust is established by the testimonials given either by customers or employees. 

A study conducted by Entrepreneur India showed that by 2019, 80% of the content would be in the form of video, and these statistics in no way are staggering. However, no counter research was conducted by any video marketing agency post the prediction period, i.e., 2019. Cursory glances prove it to be true. A Corporate video production company plays a crucial role in exponential growth of any brand. Also, the number of video viewers increases by 100% each year. 

Benefits Of Video Marketing Strategy 

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  • Our visual experiences account for 83% of our total experiences. Besides, humans are twelve times more inclined to videos rather than texts. 
  • Videos help retain more things as compared to texts. 
  • The above-given facts make the video marketing strategy psychologically attractive. 
  • Studies prove that our attention span has reduced to 8.5 seconds and brand video agency comes to the rescue for videos communicating messages fast.  
  • Statistics show that 85% of the people who see the video ads also buy that good or service. 
  • Websites that are loaded with videos have better Search engine optimization results. 
  • Video marketing means more shares and views on social media like Instagram and Facebook. 
  • All-inclusive, Branded Video Production helps companies and businesses connect better. 


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