What Are White Noise Apps for Android?


White noise apps digitally produce white noise, which is a harmony of low-, medium-, and high-frequency sounds played simultaneously at the same intensity level to eliminate all unwanted sounds that can reduce the quality of your sleep.

White noise apps for Android have variant sounds to help you sleep quickly. Many such white noise apps also have a meditative effect of calming down the stress and anxiety to help sound sleep.

Best white noise apps for Android to Improve Sleep Quality

  1. Headspace

Headspace is a popular app for Android users for meditation. It has white noise sound themes that can help you sleep peacefully and be used as a part of your sleeping ritual to relax your mind of all stress and anxiety.

Headspace’s Soundscapes category of white noise sound has over 40 tracks divided across six categories: waterfall, jungle, forest, fireside, snowfall, and in-motion.

The soundtracks are recorded in 3D ambiance, which allows the sound frequency to flow seamlessly. The sounds are facilitated with visualization guidance which can help the users to sleep easily while meditating. It also has a journey dashboard where you can enter your daily progress on coping with stress and sleeplessness

The app’s interface has simple micro-interactions with simple navigable buttons and structured grids. Headspace is compatible with all android devices; however, using many tracks on the Soundscapes requires a paid subscription.

Explore Headspace on Google Play Store.

  1. White Noise Baby

Putting your baby to sleep and ensuring that it sleeps peacefully throughout the night is a Herculean task for many parents. This is where the White Noise Baby app can help.

An easy-to-install app, it can be integrated with Alexa or the baby monitor to play white noise or lullabies to make your baby fall asleep. It is also helpful to calm down the baby when it cries.

It has over ten soundtracks that automatically fade into silence once the baby has gone to sleep. White Noise Baby has a sound detection feature that automatically plays soundtracks if the baby wakes up in the middle of the night crying.

You can check out White Noise Baby on Google Play Store

  1. Sleepa

Sleepa is a white noise app for Android users that helps combat insomnia and sleeplessness. It has a robust range of relaxing high-definition soundtracks. The alarm feature allows users to set a timer and also automatically shut down the application. You can choose up to 32 white noise soundtracks for reducing sleeplessness.

It has a free basic version, but requires a subscription to access advanced features.

Download Sleepa for free from Google Play Store.

  1. Sleep Sounds

As the app’s name suggests, Sleep Sounds is a beneficial white noise android app to ensure sound sleep.

It has versatile white noise tracks to cope with stress and insomnia. It also has classical music and lullabies to make your baby fall asleep peacefully. Sleep Sounds also allows users to mix and match the audio themes to get a customized white noise of their choice.

You can check out Sleep Sounds app from Google Play Store

  1. myNoise

myNoise is a white noise app compatible with both Android and iOS users. Unlike conventional white noise apps on smartphones, myNoise has a wider range of soundtracks other than the themes of nature. 

myNoise potently uses its sound library of binaural beats, temple bells, Buddhist chants for the users to fall asleep peacefully.

After installation, the users can mix different themes and beats with customized volume and frequency to relax their minds. The image builder also gives the users an audiovisual narrative that matches the beats. The visualization technique calms the mind and induces sleep.

Download myNoise for free from Google Play Store.

  1. Noisli

Noisli is a paid white noise app that is effective in reducing insomnia, anxiety, along with inducing focus at work through meditation. The multiple white noise soundtrack is composed of sound themes of nature and sounds that are a part of everyday life. It has an oscillation feature that seamlessly changes the volume of customized sound combinations. 

Noisli allows color visualization with customized soundtracks. At work, users can try the timer feature with fade-out functionality for better focus within a limited time.

Its advanced timer allows better time management at the workplace to break your work into smaller blocks to track efficiency and productivity.

Noisli reduces stress so that you get sound sleep at night and feel energized and productive at work.

You download Noisili for $1.99 from Google Play Store

  1. White Noise Lite

White Noise Lite is used by a large proportion of Android and IPhone users. It does not slow down your smartphone as you create your own white noise soundtrack from the sound library. Users can even upload externally recorded sounds and play it on a continuous loop.

Many people who have trouble sleeping in airplanes due to heavy turbulence prefer to use this app for sound sleep. It is also useful for reducing the occurrence of migraines and headaches and blocking distractions from your mind before going to bed. 

Explore White Noise Lite on Google Play Store


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