Why Do Brands Need Video Marketing?

Why Do Brands Need Video Marketing?

.In today’s dynamic digital world, brands are striving to gain the attention of their audience and engage them and convert them into loyal customers.

With the advent of social media and the limited attention span of the audience, content marketing through videos have been beneficial for brands to make their footing and stand out from the competition.

With Youtube and the influencer fever, video marketing has become the desirable source to bring out their USP. From ads and TVC, short videos on Instagram have become a popular way to garner attention, with a combination of creativity and relatability.

Let us look at why brands leverage videos in their content marketing strategies:

  1. Storytelling

Videos allow brands to communicate with their audience just not through data and information, but through storytelling. It establishes relatability to convey a point and even influence the decision making of the consumer to use the brand’s product or services.

2. Fast content to grasp

Millennials these days do not have time to go through lengthy informative pieces, filled with data and jargon. Videos help them to quickly grasp the content that the brand is marketing. If it is visually appealing, it might hold the audience’s attention even longer. Through video content, brands do not have the chance to beat around the bush. It explains everything in a short span of time.

3. Better Retention

People’s visual memories are stronger. Rather than textual content, video content is a great way to ensure retention of content. Brands use catchy jingles, music, and visuals, so that audience can visualise the brand’s product with all their senses. No wonder, after watching a delicious video by Pizza Hut we feel hungry and make an order. Video content can even influence the laziest buyers to use a product or a service endorsed by a brand.

4. Short-form content through influencer

In the age of social media, audiences decision are influenced by what they see their favourite celebrities and social media stars are endorsing. With Instagram reels, popular short video content with only 30 secs, influencers endorse the brands in the most creative way possible for the audience to consume the product. They are a spokesperson of the brand to advertise and boost their sales.

5. The easiest way to rich new audience

Video content is like a word of mouth of strategy used by brands to acquire new audiences. If a video of a brand is like by a user, he or she can share it in their social circle. This widens the reach of the brand and increases its popularity. The more likes and the more shares, the video content gets, its popularity also increases simultaneously. Search engines like Google also prefer video content and rank it on YouTube based on the most searched keywords.

In today’s digital world, video content is the fastest way to gain the audience’s trust. The standard of video content is improving day by day with innovative editing techniques to engage with their audience. It is going to be a highly consumed format of content by millennial audiences by 2025.


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