World’s First Humanoid Robot “Sophia” visited India again


Created by an American scientist David Hanson of Hanson Robotics of Hong Kong “Sophia” is world’s first humanoid robot. Sophia recently visited India to feature in World Congress on Information Technology 2018 commenced at Hyderabad on Tuesday(20th Feb).


Sophia shocked everybody with her witty answers to rapid-fire queries by Rajiv Makhni, group managing editor tech, NDTV. Asked who is her favorite actor in India, Sophia answered, “Shah Rukh Khan” without batting an eyelid as the audience applauded loudly.

After that she was asked many questions like about the perfect place for dating, she quickly replied: “Space.” And the person who she would like to be marooned within an island is David Hanson, her creator. He is also her favorite tech person – not Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg.

This is the second time when this amazing humanoid robot visited India, Last time she visited Mumbai to attend a Techfest in November. Sophia uses artificial intelligence to understand the questions and answer them, said she wanted to use robotics to fight for the rights of women.


Speaking to media maker of Sophia David Hanson said “he hoped that a fully-grown and matured robot with body-mind coordination would become a reality in another five or 10 years.” he also added “I have developed affinity to the robot whose facial expressions resemble that of my wife, They will be friends. There should be mutual trust and respect between humans and robots”


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