YouTube Rolls Out New Features For Content Creator Channels

YouTube rolls out new features for creators to earn money

YouTube will be introducing more features for content creators to make money with the views.

The three features were announced on the 10th anniversary of VidCon.

1. Super Stickers

Super Stickers is developing Super Stickers, which is a building feature of Super Chats introduced last year. These Chats allows viewers to buy messages that stand in a live stream where Super Stickers will enable viewers to send animated stickers at a price.

Youtube super stickers

With the viewers buying the stickers, creators can earn a cut of the revenue from YouTube for each purchase of a super sticker of a super message.

Around 20,000 content create channels are earning with the super chats where they are making about $400 per minute.

2. Merch Partners

YouTube has rolled out another earning feature by letting creators sell merchandise with the involvement of five new partners.

Creators now have more opportunities to sell merchandise with the addition of five new partners.

Creators can distribute merchandise through any of the companies like Crowdmade, Fanjoy, DFTBA, Represent, and Rooster Teeth can take advantage of YouTube Merch Shelf feature.

3. Channel Membership Tiers

YouTube is developing another feature with the membership tiers. Earlier viewers used to pay a monthly fee of $4.99 to get exclusive content. Now creators can also earn money using tier-based pricing, which allows them to offer more content for a substantial monthly payment.

The video streaming titan helps creators set up five different price points for memberships at each level.

This membership by YouTube competes with Patreon that allows creators to set up different membership tiers. Since YouTube is offering the same capacity, let’s watch how the Patreon business survives in the game.


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