Twitter Now Offers More Context to Users in Direct Messages


In one of the recent updates, Twitter introduced the ability to see more details in direct messages (DMs) from people you do not know or follow. The platform will offer detailed information to the users who receive a DM from unknown profiles on Twitter, so they can identify the user who sent the message.

In a tweet from Twitter Support, they explained that when a user receives a new request for a DM, they will be able to see more context about the person who sent it to them. This includes information such as, whether you are connected to the user, and if you are, what is the connection. Once you click on the request in your DM, you will see their profile information, with the message they sent to you.

This will also allow you to see other members they are following, who are mutually connected to both of you. This can be really helpful as it allows you to get more information without the need to click multiple times and sift through the DMs to find the profile of a user.

In another tweet from Matt Navarra, it looks like Facebook is experimenting with a similar concept, except they are focusing on the comments instead of personal messages. In the tweet, you can see that a user with a large following will be highlighted when they engage with a post.

The main focus of these changes from both platforms seem like a step that focuses on increasing user engagement on each of these platforms. The update from Twitter might feel like a tiny addition, but it will help users save a lot of time. The new update is out for all the users starting today.


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